The book further chronicled some great men who rose to stardom applying those words of wisdom in spite of difficulties of their time. These includes:  Rt. Hon. Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, Alhaji Ahmadu Bello, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, Chief Anthony Enahoro, Dr. Alex Ekwueme, Chief Gani Fawehinmi, Mr. Frank Nneji and Joachim Ezeji all Nigerians.

Also some other non-Nigerians who rose to stardom crossing various hurdles of live captured by the author in the book are: Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Carnegie, Barrack Obama, Benjamin Franklyn, Charles Allen Ward, Edwin C. Barns, Henry Ford, John Foppe, Martin Luther King Jr., Napoleon Hill, Dr. Nelson Mandela, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Thomas Edison and the Mastermind Team - John Hancock, Richard Henry Lee, Samuel Adams and Thomas Jefferson.

The book is divided into twenty six chapters. In chapter one, the author places God above every other thing else, and further opined that greatness must be anchored on positive self values and talents discovery leading to accomplishments recognized and attested to by individual and society. He further stated clearly on what constitutes greatness including identifying the salient values which propel greatness in a person.

Chapters 2-23 chronicled inspirational epigram of great men bordering on: ideas rule the world, be a news maker, concentration is the secret of strength, power yourself into action, create the will- the door must open, success is in your hand, desire leads to greatness, determination is the key to success, thought is the engine of wealth, in trying lies upliftment, create your own world, be focused- the world is yours, in your vision lies great opportunities, be creative to succeed, dream into riches, your ability is gold, etc.

In chapter 24, the author stated or identified practically on how men worked assiduously and achieved greatness attested to by the society. He maintained that these men achieved greatness by being positive in their chosen career in spite of difficulties, challenges and unfavourable environment witnessed by them.

In chapter 25, the author who is a Political Scientist and promising researcher made reference and illustrated on how some Nigerians and non Nigerians applied these epigrams with zeal, determination, focus, applied faith, patience and rose to stardom and prominence in a unique style in spite of their family and poor academic background, unfavourable challenges, difficulties etc.
According to the author – Mr. James Okere, the aim of the book is to challenge all through recreating self value re-orientation to achieve success and at the same time employing all in leadership, governance, and entrepreneurship to embrace positive values like enthusiasm, determination, perseverance, patience, courage as a way to advancing society.

The author ended up with a message of hope for all including workers, youths, professionals, policy makers, students, unemployed, etc to imbibing positive values like determination, discipline, focus, and remaining positive mentally towards developing core value for self-re-orientation as a way to re-write history for the betterment of humanity and society.



“You Too Can Be Great: Core Value Self-Re- Orientation” should be seen as a worthy handbook for easy reference to the ideas and guiding ethos of acknowledged “Men of Achievement” who have dared various challenges and vicissitudes in life; and who in spite of all odds have won for themselves some befitting recognition in history. It is therefore a book worthy reading and assimilating if we are to pave the way to our own greatness, individual and collectively. I therefore feel able to recommend the book to all and sundry and commend the Author for the vision and initiative of putting this modest volume together.”
--Prof. Moses O. E. Iwuala, Federal University of Technology, Owerri, Imo State Eastern Nigeria (at the book presentation, reviewing the book).

“I commend you for the in-depth research you did to write this book, unveiling great men and women who surmounted great obstacles to achieve greatness.”
-- Ngozi I. Amaliri, FCA (renowned Nigerian Chartered Accountant).

“Your initiative to write a book on “You Too Can Great” is laudable. The book is rich in mentoring for the teeming youths who constituted the bulk of potential entrepreneurs.”
-- Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) (recall CBN is in involved in Entrepreneurship Development Programme).
“Reading through, one can be convinced that the book is worthy of mentoring and inculcating positive values in the lives of our students, and the youths of our dear country-Nigeria’’.
--Principal; Egbu (Ang.) Girls’ Secondary School Egbu- Owerri, Imo State Eastern Nigeria.
“We have gone through your book and found it interesting to inculcate great values amongst all, including our students, workers and the general public.’’
--Graduating Committee Chairman; Baptist High School Owerri, Imo State Eastern Nigeria.

“We wish to commend you as we found the book worthy of inculcating positive values amongst readers especially students and youths.”
--Principal; Christ The King International Anglican Academy Owerri, Imo State Eastern Nigeria.