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chioma 4THE TWIN POWER OF SUCCESS: Vision and Courage are twin inseparable values of greatness; they are twin power of building success in life. The two success values operate closely in life pursuit. Vision and Courage are two coins of the same face. Great achievements recorded are product of Vision and Courage. Extra-ordinary successes are as a result of extra-ordinary vision and courage demonstrated by men and women who are desirous to succeed in life.

Visions are (dreams and ideas) before it manifest physically. Courage therefore works with vision to make any dream or idea come into reality; thus leading towards recording achievements. Therefore, in building success in life, one should be ready to have a vision of life and the accompanying courage to make such vision or goal work.

In industries, the distinguishing factor from one industry or another or from one firm to another is vision and courage. Every promising and prospering industry or firm have clear vision of where they are going, and the accompanying courage to achieve such vision or dream. Vision is so important that any organization advertises her organizational goals anchored on her vision.

Also in governance, a distinguishing known factor in leadership is the power of vision and courage exhibited by the leadership. We often hear; this leadership has no vision or the leadership lacks courage to provide the needed leadership.

A leader can also have vision, but lacks the courage to implement the identified vision. An individual can also have vision (this exist always) but lacks the courage to execute such vision that would re-launch him in the society, or give him a turning point in life. This is where the journey of building success in life begins.

Courageous people start where other people have stopped in any particular venture. No, is not in their dictionary. They have the ‘I can spirit’. They see where they are going rather than the obstacles on the way.

The power of vision when combined with courage is a driving force towards any success attested to by the society.

Reuben Martinez from Miami Arizona United States of America is one man who demonstrated great vision and courage towards promoting reading and literacy values in the world, thus he built success story in life.

Reuben’s parents who were Mexican immigrants who worked in mines had no business in reading books. However, Reuben had vision towards reading. He admitted that his mother always wanted him to put down his book and clean the yard.

Following his interest in reading and literacy development, he went further to develop the required courage to continue, that even by 6.45 am every day, he would woke up and read his neighbor’s newspapers brought by newspaper boy, thereafter, he folds back and kept the newspapers for the owner (his neighbour). His neighbour having seen Reuben’s courage, went ahead to encourage Reuben.

Reuben’s drive to succeed in life, through his vision and courage moved his teachers to assist him via lending him books. Reuben, later as opportunity came opened a barbershop, and continued with his visionary drive in literacy development leading to using his barbershop to start lending the books he had collected to people to read; Reuben later stopped lending books as borrowers stopped returning the borrowed books, rather now selling books which he started with only two books, he sold in 1983.

Powered by his success drive, he continued and became an advocate for literacy via his life vision and courage demonstrated by him. Few years later, the barbershop with books became a book store; which he calledLibreria Martinez Books and Art Gallery which has grown tremendously.

By his industry, as at year 2007, the store now store up to seventeen thousand titles and has become one of the country’s largest collections of Spanish Language books. He has also opened more books stores.

For his vision and courage to promote literacy, he stated hosting a weekly cable show on Univision. He cofounded the Latino Book Festival with actor Edward James Olmos. Reuben stated speaking at Schools and to other groups to promote literacy. As his vision and courage in this area increases, in 2004, he won a MacArthur Foundation fellowship often called a “genius grant”- for fusing the roles of market place and community centre to inspire appreciation of literacy and literature and preserve Latino Literacy heritage.

In addition, for his vision and courage, he received honourary doctorate in human letter from Whittier College in 2005, and was also named one of’s twenty-six most fascinating entrepreneurs.

Reuben Martinez vision and courage in life became tremendous leading to his achieving remarkable successes in global literacy development to prove that success is a journey and that one’s dream is achievable through vision and demonstrable courage.

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