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In the Holy Bible Jabez had his name changed when he had a divine encounter with the Lord. That encounter became his turn point in life and he became a successful person right from that point. People who have achieved greatness have been dwarfed by various circumstances. These circumstances range from poor family background, lack of knowledge/information, lack of mentorship, poor academic background, and poor working environment. Men, women and youth who have been living under such circumstances have had their dreams and aspiration shattered.

Some who had the opportunity of attending higher schools and have dreamt on how to achieve success have had their dreams put on hold or forgotten. We have heard stories by various people who have continued to blame their family background or poor salary as the architect of their misfortune.

Some persons due to the negative environment they found themselves have developed low self esteem and have grown to develop self defeatism. Some have even complained that the course they read in higher schools have been instrumental to their low productivity in life and lack of enthusiasm to accomplish great things. In as much as the issues /challenges raised above are possible negative factors in human life; the truth is that such initial challenges are not in itself the finality to reduce one; who have not accepted to be reduced. One is finally defeated the moment his mind is defeated. One is finally defeated when he has accepted defeat.

Therefore, the man that could not re-write his history is the person that has decided not to have a vision or plan. The utmost factor in re-writing one’s history is the identification factor; where one recognizes that, though years have been lost, but with positive mental attitude his history could be re-written for greater accomplishments in life for societal development.

T.D Jakes in his book “Destiny” recorded that renowned journalist Bob Schieffer told him most of his greatest accomplishments occurred after he turned sixty-five years. Jakes added that Bob further admonished him not to allow age deter his forward move.

Grandma Moses did not start painting until she was seventy-six. Satchel Paige became the oldest Major League Baseball player at the age of fifty-nine when he played for the Kansas City Athletics in 1965. Coco Chanel was the head of her fashion design firm at the age of eighty-five. In addition, Author Laura Ingalls Wilder published her first book at age sixty-four, chronicling her life as a wife and mother, which was the basis for the television series; Little House on the Prairie.

It is well known that those we call great men or those we have seen as having achieved successes are men and women who saw challenges and difficulties in the pursuits of their life set goals. Some may have worked and had been declared bankrupt, but came back to life through effective planning. Some may have worked for years, but later realized themselves and applied focus and determination to a new line of life for positive transformation.

Zig Ziglar known as a motivational author and speaker was born in a rural agrarian family. Ziglar’s father died when he was just five years, living him and his siblings with the mother. To find a living, Ziglar’s family was involved in periodical part time jobs in order to help the family. He also struggled for two and half years as a salesman. With the influence of Bob Bale a motivational speaker who spoke at a seminar in Florence, South Carolina U.S.A he develop a desire to become a public speaker.

Ziglar tried to become one and struggled in this respect for 16 years. Ziglar was highly determined, and recognized the God father to succeed. Ziglar who wanted to re-write his history persevered, continued to work hard, until about the age of 45 years when things started changing positively in his life as he started having paid appointments on weekly basis.

The doors of success for Ziglar continued as he was being offered series of seminar including payments in advance. Through his industry, determination, persistence, God factor, his contributions became un-imaginable as he has re-written his life history for mankind to emulate and study.

Also Dele Abegunde informed that he was a banker for twenty years. When he left the banking business, he repackaged his life, and today he is a known motivational author and speaker; he came this far developing a strong winning spirit and by so doing has re-written his life into prominence.

Any determined person in thought can recreate a new world for himself in spite of his age or environmental challenges. This is highly possible. Hardships and difficulties have never lasted forever. The presence of delays, trials and hardship in our lives is to challenge and energize us to move into a higher level of life. We must bring in the God factor if we really want to re-write our story of life. The God factor will make us to remain prayerful and draw inspiration towards our life pursuits.

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