Written by James Okere

Success is a journey and there is no short cut to achieve greatness. Success grows in inches. Greatness takes time to mature. It is in line with biblical principle of; “there is time for everything”. Everybody who wants to achieve must have a clear vision and work assiduously towards realizing same.

The power of little beginning works until it grows to stardom. Achieving greatness in life starts gradually. The power of little beginning is so important that the Holy Bible recorded that we should not forget the days of your little beginning (Job 8:7). Also in life situation, a journey of 1000 miles begins with a step. “Great things start from small, almost insignificant beginnings” (anonymous).

Little by little is a great lea way of success. Also the Holy Bible in the book of Exodus 23:30 state “By little and little, I will drive them out before you, until you have increased enough to take possession of the land”.

In life pursuit no matter where you are now, you should begin with what you have and work assiduously to advance one’s live, humanity and society. The stories of all these great people who have excelled in their chosen career and profession are enough to inform us that they all grew gradually. Mention people like Bill Gates, Brian Tracy, Donald Trump, Prof. Pat Utomi, Aliko Dangote, Dr. Myles Munroe, Tony Elumelu, Joyce Meyer, Dr. Linus Okorie; the list is endless. Read these men about ten years ago or twenty years ago or even thirty years ago, you will find discover that they all grew out of their humble beginning; justifying the power of little beginning in life endavour.

Napoleon Hill and C. Harold keown in their book “Succeed And grow Rich through persuasion” captured the power of little beginning thus: “You might go back to Mr. Edison. He didn’t start out with the many inventions that he had. He started out with one small idea, developed that, and found another a little bit bigger. Then he really got excited about his imagination and expanded. If he had lived longer he probably would have invented this a thousands of things that he never got to. Each one would have been greater and bigger and better”.

Furthermore, the Holy Bible in the book of Matthew 13:31-35, two parables mentioned for teaching on the kingdom of heaven also demonstrates the power of little beginning. At the time Matthew was writing the gospel, the church was small, despised and struggling. The church looked insignificant compared with Judaism and Pagan worships. But today what do we see, the church has grown beyond expectations, and it is still growing and transforming the world in areas including education, medical care, social work and in defense of those that the society neglects etc.

This power of small beginning which transform societies exist in individuals, shops, church, business etc. The incorporation of Southwest Airlines in United States of America is a clear case of the Power of Small Beginning. The Airline was incorporated in 1967 by Rollin King (owner of a small commuter air service in Texas, John Parker, a banker and Herb Kelleher, an attorney.) It took the team four years (1971) to get their first plane off the ground after passing through hurdles including court cases. But through industry, vision and determination and perseverance Southwest Airline has grown tremendously.

Today, Southwest Airline looks like a powerhouse that has everything going for them. It dominates the routes where it operates and has enjoyed profit. Employers love working there.

Note how the airline has transformed itself from a very humble beginning. In 1971 when it started, the size of fleet is 4 (four), while in 2006 it has (468) four hundred and sixty eight fleets. The number of employees in 1971 stood at 195 (one hundred and ninety five) persons, while in 2006, the employees stood at 30,000 (thirty thousand) persons.

In addition, customers carried by the airline grew in 1971 from 108 (one hundred and eight) persons to 88.4 million (eight eight million and four hundred thousand) persons in 2006. In 1971, the number of cities covered by the airline was 3 (three), while in 2006 it has grown to 51 (fifty one) cities.

In spite of difficulties and challenges we face, it is important that in our individual lives we should employ this power of little beginning. All great things are achieved through vision, patience and hard work. In addition, the power of humble beginning requires staying and enduring power.

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