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The Holy Bible in the book of Matthew 5: 14-16 stated that we are the light of the world. It added let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your father in Heaven. Light is a dominant values on this planet earth. Man therefore can become the light of the world because of his contributions in the society.

Therefore to dominate is to become a person of value who is emulated as well. It also connotes a person of relevance on this planet earth. To dominate your environment means that you have developed yourself in a particular area. You are a person sort for in a particular area of life.

On this planet earth, there are diverse and unaccountable areas one can dominate his environment. These areas include environmental, political, socio-economic, sports, administration, writing, public speaking, computer development and religious works. Other areas one can dominate include tailoring, cooking, shoe making, crafts, motor repairs etc; the list is endless.

The most important thing is to decide to become a person of relevance and to work towards such vision. To dominate your environment you must be in the known. You must study and search for knowledge. Depending the areas of your specialization, you can become active in attending conferences and seminars as to further build your capacity and energy.

A person who dominates his environment has taking pain and made sacrifices to become somebody. The person who dominates his environment has taking time to develop his potentials, skills, talents etc. Talent development is one sure way to dominate one’s environment. Dr. Myles Munroe; a pastor, author, public speaker etc, said that a person who develops his talents becomes a community. This is true and challenging for everybody.

To dominate one’s environment requires energy, courage and strength. It also requires winning spirit. It requires discipline as well.

When we mention people like Brian Tracy, Joyce Mayer, Dr. Ben Carson, Dr. Myles Munroe, Prof. Pat Utomi, Dr. Mike Murdock, Robert Schuller, Dr. Linus Okorie etc, we appreciate them, but if we study them we would be amazed with what they have passed through in life before reaching their present status. In their trying to succeed, they failed, faced rejections and got disappointed on many occasions. Some who are being celebrated today; may have even questioned the reason for their being on planet earth.

Persons that have developed themselves are still being discussed several years they have left this planet earth. Many people are even feeding from the works and accomplishments of these departed persons.

To dominate your environment, you must pursue a life of vision. Life of vision is a purposeful life. It is a life of working assiduously in one’s chosen career or profession. Some have developed a vision while in secondary and higher institutions, and have equally pursued their dreams gradually; remaining positively.

Dr. Linus Okorie, the President of Guardians of Nations International (GOTIN) developed his passion while he was in secondary. He continued with such vision while at the University; even when people did not believe in him, but he believed in himself. Today, he is a man that have developed and dominated his environment in the core areas of leadership values and public speaking sphere.

In addition, to dominate one’s environment, one must bear the characteristics of an eagle; including courage, boldness and an eye to see genuine opportunity amongst others.

One of the greatest impressionist painters who dominated his environment was named Paul Gauguin. He lived in Paris, had a family and worked in the post office for many years. He developed his core interest in impressionist paintings and in the evenings, he visited the cafes frequently by the impressionist painters of Paris, getting to know them and asking them questions. He was fascinated by painting. The whole idea of painting absorbed all his attention. The vision grew in him and tt was all he thought about. And yet with a family and a full time job, there was no way he could devote himself to the painting he wanted so badly to do.

Being powered by his passion, one day in a move that shocked everybody, he gave up his job as a postal inspector, left his family and moved to South Sea Island of Tahiti. There, he began painting as he developed his skill. Through courage and hard work his paintings now are worth hundreds of thousands, even millions, of dollars and they hang in the finest museums in the world. He is considered by many to be one of the most important painters of the last three hundred years.

In a way, he was like Grandma Moses in that he finally decided to follow his heart and concentrate on what he had been interested in for all those years, thus he persevered and encouraged himself that through his works, he ended up dominating his environment. Such success awaits a willing and determined person.

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