Written by James Okere

Living a life that lives after one is what every generational personality strives to achieve. Generational people develop character that sustains their lives. They develop programmes that aid humanity. They developed the power inherent in one. They work to develop the people towards self realization. In addition, generational people live a life of legacy.

Generational living comes out of multiplications. At family level, it moves from one family to another. It develops from father to children and children-children and the circle continues accordingly. At organizational level, generational personality grows in that organization as well and continues with the organizational vision.

At death, the character and influence of any generational personality lives on. If a father builds values of integrity, perseverance, determination, honesty, humility, hard work etc; these same values grows in the family leading to building sound generational family circle. On the other hand if a father sows seed of anger, discord, greed etc amongst the family members then the family lineage is affected and thus the success of the family is stunted.

Also at the societal level what builds generational personality is one’ various accomplishments attested to by the people; since such contributions are societal building blocks.

When those who have lived generational life are no more; what they achieved lives with the people and the living makes life out of their accomplishments.

Our Lord Jesus Christ is a generational personality in view of His great contributions and accomplishments towards saving mankind. He demonstrated humility, love, sacrifice, perseverance in His relationship with the people. His legacies are speaking for Him in spite of the short period He lived on this planet earth.

People like George Washington, Sir, Winston Churchill, Dr. Myles Munroe, Dr. Nelson Mandela, etc are people that are being celebrated because they impacted on the people great values of successes and accomplishments.

Therefore, generational personality is built on the positive values impacted on the family members from generation to another generation and on the larger societies from generation to generation.

Factors that aid to sustain a generational personality include: service rendering to humanity and society, political, economic, scientific, social contributions to society, authorship of books and articles etc.

Walt Disney who developed Disney Land made contributions that is affecting generations. Disney like any generational personality faced setbacks, oppositions, trials etc. Who could believe that WALT DISNEY- A man rejected by 301 Banks when he sorts for their help remained consistent until he became a celebrated personality through establishing Walt Disney.

Also William Wilberforce left behind great legacy on this planet earth thus becoming a generational personality. Wilberforce developed love and concern for others and subsequently set his affection upon a cause that would affect the destinies of millions of people all over the world. He initiated and championed the formation of a law to abolish slave trade. For 46 years he fought this battle and won. The whole world was made a better place and the entire society and man was given a better code conduct as a result of his campaign and victory. What a generational life William Wilberforce lived; thus influencing society.

In addition, Martin Jr. Luther King lived on this planet for 39 years. The time he was born was when there were segregation and chains of discrimination in the United States of America. He was disturbed by the discrimination suffered by blacks, he then took the cause to champion the end through his group he formed “Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) and civil rights movement to end racial segregation in America. Through his efforts, he saw to the signing of civil rights bill in 1964 and voting rights Act in 1965 which gave leverage to blacks and subsequently banned discrimination in public accommodation, employment and labour unions. Martin Luther king is still being made a reference point till date. 

Finally, in spite of life challenges and trials, generational living is a life worth living since it impact greatly on society. Those that have lived generational life are being emulated and celebrated.

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