Written by James Okere

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Our homes are looking for people who will impact their lives and developing in them with right values of life. Also our communities are looking for people who would live a life of relevance. In addition, our larger society and nations are equally looking for those who would impact society positively. A life of relevance is a life of impact. It is a life being lived to add value to humanity and society. A life of relevance is an influential living. It is a life lived and celebrated. It is a life of productivity and efficiency which influences society towards greater accomplishments.

To live a life of relevance one must align himself with his destiny fulfillment, which has been developed with the right skills, talents and gifts endowed by nature.

A life of relevance builds right values for all including the youth who are future leaders of the country and by extension the world. If the youth do not see a manifestation of life of relevance from their seniors now; then the future of the youth will be in jeopardy, thus affecting the society negatively.

If we must advance our individual and collective lives, and by extension the larger society; then a life of relevance is worthy pursing. A life of relevance influencing the people and society could be built in diverse ways including:

Writing books and Articles, Creative thinking, Respected Leadership, Developing a foundation, Service Provision etc.

Writing Books and Articles: Author of books generates ideas that develop individuals and society. Many have lived and are still living a life of relevance through the books they have authored. Through such books they have impacted right values in the society, and they (the authors) are celebrated and respected.

Also writing of articles convenes ideas or values. Writers in newspapers, journals, bloggers, news commentaries live a life of relevance emulated by the people.

Creative Thinkers: These people generate ideas to tackle societal problems. Their thinking to solve societal problems could be in the political, economy, business, automobile, telecommunication, technology etc. All these achievements and accomplishments recorded are product of creative thinkers. By the ideas these people have generated, the society has remained a better place for mankind.

Respected Leadership: Leaders that are trusted and respected are classified as relevant people. Leaders that are disciplined are respected leaders as they command respect and fellowship. These respected leaders are celebrated and appreciated, thus impacting the society with right values.

Develop a Foundation: People who lived a life of relevance knew the importance of given back to society, which has aided them to succeed in life. They develop foundations that are synonymous with their names. Once their foundations are mentioned, you remember them for their great and tremendous accomplishments.

Some of these foundations associated with some people who have lived relevant lives include: Tony Elumelu Foundation, Youth Empowerment and Skills Acquisition Scheme (YESAS) of Sen. Oluremi Tinubu, Youth Empowerment and ICT Foundation of Jim Ovia, former Chief Executive of Zenith Bank Plc, The Bridge Leadership Foundation (TBLF) founded by Sen. Liyel Imoke (former Senator and Governor of Cross River State of Nigeria. Others are Young African Leaders Initiative of Barack Obama, Clinton Global Initiative of BillClinton.

For people to live a relevant life means that they have developed and accomplished their set goals for societal advancement. Not only setting goals they developed the right energy to work on the goals they have set.

These relevant and influential people were determined towards their course. They developed persevering and conquering spirits with which to accomplish extra-ordinary things. They go the extra-mile in life. They developed staying power. People of relevance do not dream only what to become, rather they also put in the action required to succeed in life. Men of relevance knew that life is a battle, which required concerted efforts and organized planning. They are courageous and bold. They dare to succeed as they are aware that fortune smile on the persons who dares.    

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