Written by James Okere

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Have you faced a situation when all you are doing to manifest your destiny as to gain recognition and be celebrated seems not to be realized as expected? If yes, it’s part of creation and you are not alone. When your efforts are not paying; means that one is passing through difficult situation or adversities of life. Also, when one’s effort is not rewarding means that one is facing trials, but the good news is that if you don’t give up, you will surely be celebrated in due time.

The Holy Bible in Ecclesiastes 3:1 recorded that there is time for everything. It states “To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven”.

When the energy you put in is not bringing out corresponding result, you should continue to move forward; for your rewards are on the way. What will definitely stop your reward will be when you allow the vicissitudes of life to negatively affect you. In addition, what will make our efforts not to pay us will be when one allows his or her vision or dream to be affected psychological, thus developing negative self esteem or hatred or anger against oneself?

When one’s effort seems not to show up, think further on how to strategize and remain focused.

Having discovered your purpose on this planet earth, you must continue to power your dreams and put enough action to realize your calling. Do remember that the Holy Bible in the book of Habakkuk 2:3 “For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it will speak, and it will not lie. Though it tarries, wait for it, because it will surely come, it will not tarry”. What we require is the staying power to continue in one’s vision via one’s chosen carrier or profession.

In life, for one to gain acceptability, one must persevere, develop conquering spirit, dare towards his vision. Successes do not just come; for there is no short cut to achieving successes in life. We must therefore persevere in our efforts or endavours and not allow fear to affect our destiny in life, since according to Joel Osteen, “Your destiny is too great, your assignment is too important, your time is too valuable. Do not let fear intimidate you”.

The story of the Chinese bamboo tree would further illustrate when an effort is not yielding positively or rewarding accordingly.Within the four years of the planting and existence of the Chinese Bamboo trees, it struggles and remains stunted in growth. The Chinese Bamboo tree story is that within four weeks it grows up to 98 feet from the fifth year of it’s existence. The first four years, the farmers continue in faith to water and nurture the growth of the Bamboo trees. In spite of the efforts of the farmers in the first four years, the trees show neither progress nor visible growth on the land. This character exhibited by Bamboo trees is enough to make the farmers abandon the Bamboo trees project, but rather the farmers continued to demonstrate patience, persistence, hard work, determination and hope towards the growth of the Bamboo tree, which then manifest to maturity in the fifth year.

It is on record that many years of the efforts of Thomas Edison did not yield any positive result or recognition to him as a person and to society in general. Rather, the efforts of Thomas Edison; the man who developed incandescent light, microphone and photography yielded after many years because he did not fear, rather he developed a persevering spirit towards his dream project.

Also in developing Disney Wonderland, we gain insight on how to persevere to conquer even in the face of setbacks, oppositions, trials etc.Who could believe that WALT DISNEY- A man rejected by 301 Banks when he sorts for their help remained consistent until he became a celebrated personality.

Walt Disney Land today is a great entertainment place attracting people from all walks of live. Perseverance and hard work brought him to this great accomplishment as he held forth his dream project.

In addition, Fannie Hurts efforts were not yielding until creation time was fulfilled. It is on record that whatever he does in the writing world did not favour him, however he continued and the time eventually came for him to be recognized. Fannie Hurst surmounted her initial predicaments through sheer self confidence and persistence which made it possible for her efforts to yield.

Fannie Hurst wanted to become a writer. Her efforts to achieve her desire met with stiff oppositions. Fannie’s write ups were often rejected by publishers when she started to develop herself. She remained faithful with her God given ability.

Fannie Hurst received thirty-six rejection slips from just one publisher called – The Saturday Evening Post. She was not deterred, but continued to sweat it out for four years and then came the openings in a very big way. Wealth started following her, not only in abundance but consistently. Surprisingly, publishers that earlier rejected her works started reaching her for works to publish.

Finally, when our efforts are not rewarding, we need to strengthened ourselves and un-lucked our God given potentials, leading to our efforts being rewarded in due time.

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