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Champions all over the world are influencers who equally serve as role mentors. Champions strive to discover their purpose on this planet earth. Champions go the extra mile in developing themselves. They are men and women who have accomplished great tasks attested to by the people and society. They are persons who have through their successes influenced society. These people are highly appreciated and made reference to.

Champions learn from challenges and difficult environment. Champions see challenges as tools for greater accomplishments towards human and societal development. Champions are men who can inspire or influence their environment. They are men that have discovered themselves and dominated their community. They are persons who are written about. They are men painters would want to draw inscription of what they represent. Men who dominate their environment exist in various aspect of the society including in governance, economic, scientific discovery, sports, management, leadership etc. The processes making it possible for one to become a champion in the society includes as follows; Passion to serve, leadership potentials, talent discovery and development, writing etc.

Passion to serve: Many who are champions have used their passion to serve to influence the people towards personal development. Mahatma Gandhi was well known as somebody who had great passion to serve, coupled with his simple life style with which he used to influence the entire environment of India. The death of Gandhi did not stop the Indians from acknowledging who he was till date.

Also, Mother Theresa used his passion to serve the people to influence her environment. She worked hard to get many charity/ social rehabilitation institutions established under his support. Mother Theresa was a truly living champion with an infinite capacity to care for and support the sick and dying people of Calcutta and others.

Champions use their leadership potentials to influence societies positively. History has records of those who have used leadership potentials to inspire life and confidence into the people.

Today in United States of America, people still records the roles of Thomas Jefferson; the former third United States of American president and a foundational member of the mastermind team that championed American independence. The primary role he played as the writer of the declaration of independence of America is spoken till date.

In addition, the leadership provided by Church Hill the war time Prime Minister of Britain is still influencing Britain as much reference about him are still made till date; a mark of him being a champion with an extra ordinary influence.

Nelson Mandela, former President of South Africa was one man whose leadership acumen became extra-ordinary in the world. Even when he was no more, he is still being highly celebrated; that 18th July is celebrated as Nelson Mandela day all over the world as declared by United Nations.

Talent discovery and development places one as a champion of note: Dr. Ben Carson stated that “If you recognize your talents, use them appropriately and choose a field that uses those talents, you will rise to the top of you field”. Hence, you can also dominate your environment through discovery and developing of your talents. Many have used their sports, administrative, writing, selling talents etc to change the course of history.

We speak much about Michael Jordan of America who performed well in the basket ball spots. His roles have influenced many basket ball enthusiasts and others who have also learnt team work spirit from him. In Nigeria, many people have also been influenced by the activities of football champions like Kanu Nwankwo, Jay Jay Okocha etc.

Talent discovery and development is so important that Dr. Myles Munroe a well known pastor, author and public speaker said “Anyone who develops his gifts will become a community”.

Writing: Writing distinguishes one. It takes one to higher level. Every writer who continues and never quit becomes a champion and reaches a remarkable heights in life. Today, mention Pastor C. Maxwell, Prof. Wole Soyinka, Dr. Myles Munroe, Brian Tracy one will definitely mention books authored by them. These their published works have made them champions that are reckoned with.

Mention Fanny Cross, Bernard Shaw one’s mind runs to the works written by them. These writers or authors are not forgotten as their works and accomplishments are always being remembered and cited accordingly. These writers have influenced the society in that even after their death; their works are still being spoken about.

Mention Charles Dickens, you remember one of his works titled “Oliver Twist”. Mention Dimgba Igwe; a Nigerian, you remember his journalistic works as well.

Finally, champions are influencers who act as role models. Champions have used their words of wisdom and quotes to change humanity. Their wisdom expressed vide quotes have added values to people even centuries of years they have left this planet earth

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