Written by James Okere

“Intensify your dreams and you will reach them faster than you would have ever imagined” (Daniel Ally, founder of Ally Way International).The creator of the universe in the Holy Book of Habakkuk instructed us to write down our vision. The creator knowing the importance of vision further stated in the book of Proverbs that my people perish for lack of vision.

Individuals are developed through vision of people. Organizations are championed through vision of people. The same goes to the society; which develops because men sat down, gave thought and developed a vision to follow.

As we are creators of God, we are naturally endowed with creative power to develop vision of what we would want to be or accomplish in life as to impact society.

The first issue for consideration towards vision development is to align one’s self with the talents, abilities and potentials endowed in one by the Creator. The drive to align our vision with our talents is to enable have a long lasting dream that would out live one after death.

Many who have developed their vision even though dead are still made a reference point. People are still living under the goodwill of Dr. Myles Munroe, Zig Ziglar, Charles Dickens, Fanny Hurst, Barr. Gani Fawhenmi, Dr. Nelson Mandela etc, though these men were dead, their legacies still speaks for them. Their goodwill is still feeding many today.

In developing our vision, we should identify where one is, what one has done and have total review of one as to gather strength towards advancing one’s vision. In addition, what a person wants to achieve in line with one’s gifts also energize one’s vision.

When a vision has been identified, it would be powered or put into action, without action, a vision becomes a mere dream. Preston Vander ven (an online marketing expert) says “A dream with no action is just a wish”. In powering a vision, one should become creative and demonstrate commitment towards his dream project. In addition, one must develop courage and persistence, and be proactive. Courage and perseverance will give one the energy for sustainability.

Through your dream, you are to show yourself to the world. Nothing succeeds than one working to see his dream come through. You must decide to power your dream through locating your God-given talents in order to add value to the society. Pursuits of one’s dream leads to achieving victory in inches in the short run, and in miles in the long run. If you have the dream to manifest humility of life with which to influence the society as Mahatma Gandhi did to influence Indians, continue with such dream.

You might have a dream to defend the downtrodden as Chief Gani Fawehinmi (a Nigerian Lawyer) is noted for. You might have the dream to write as to influence individuals and societies; to achieve such dream you must push the idea forward as Benjamin Franklyn (American Man of Letters) was noted for. In spite of opposition he faced even from his brother, towards developing his writing talents, Benjamin continued and ended up achieving his dream of being a renowned author in the world.

To inspire and bring out the best in people, Eugene Lang started a foundation called “I have a Dream”. Eugene Lang was an American and a successful entrepreneur. He was also Success Magazine “Successful Man’ of the Year in 1986. He is a strong believer that encouragement brings the best in man.

Lang used the foundation- “I have a Dream”, he started to inspire hope amongst the citizens by going into class rooms to speak to Americans to inculcate positive values. Because of the tremendous impact of his programme, other American entrepreneurs copied his model. His idea further inspired the United States Congress, that introduced same for a nationwide education programme called “GEAR UP”, which stated in 1998 to inspire American students to think what to become in future; a demonstration of the power of vision.

In demonstrating his dream project, Eugene Lang applied the principle of staying power; which sustained him tremendously. Imagine he left his idea when he faced initial challenges occasioned by people’s own thinking. The result today would have been that history would not have recorded a positive place for him in United States of America.

The message is that our ideas once generated are achievable if we believe in God and believe in ourselves and apply the doing concepts of determination, powering oneself into action, admit that greatness is in your hand, keep trying and manifesting one self accordingly.

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