Written by James Okere

THE WINNING PERSONALITY; vision, energy, determination, focus, patience, discipline, perseverance are key values employed by any person who is eager to become a winner. The world has remained a challenging place, and only those who dare will conquer. Negative or hostile environment will continue to exit; hence we should not allow that to deter us in our pursuit to success and greatness.

It is evident that no nation or human race has ever witnessed continuously friendly environment without set back, but those (including nations and persons) that succeeded are those who made self-discoveries and marrying same with determination in spite of the prevalent circumstances of their time to attain greatness.

Growths of Countries were achieved by men who believed in their cause, and pursued same with doggedness. Late Dr. Nelson Rolihlahia Mandela (alias Madiba) was highly celebrated because of his persistent and energetic roles in ending apartheid regime in South Africa. Late Lee Kuan Yew (former Singaporean leader and elder statesman) was adored because of how he brought Singapore to political and economic lime light.

For history to record men who conquered, they remained focused, frontal and determined in their chosen endavour. Thus, the power to conquer is within the thought process vide a defined road map.

The essence of daring to conquer is to become successful in any chosen field of endeavour including technological advancement, politics, academics, sports, business, writing, skilled and unskilled professions, religious activities etc attested to by the people, thus impacting positively in the society.

The conquering process is built around obstacles, unfriendly environment, trials, failures and errors. But in individual boldness, self-will, dogged determination, perseverance and organized planning lies success.

The person who conquers, can do it with or without formal education but it requires individual drives and positive mind set internalized by the individual in his chosen profession, thus creating value in the society.

The conquering person develops great trust in Supreme God and develops great interests in fervent prayers to discover and develop talents and skills endowed with.

The conquering personality must develop the virtues of accomplishments amongst which are the God factor, vision, courage, hard work and perseverance.

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