The Rise of Hafiz Onyetoro aka Saka

Written by James Okere

The Rise of Hafiz Onyetoro aka Saka; who as a comedian has used his talents to elevate his personality to an enviable height. He is today reckoned with.

Today a great comedian, born to poor illiterate parents. He hails from Iseyin, in Oyo State. He grew up in the farm with the parents and siblings. With great determination, he walked very hard to change his family poor background, and today is well talked about in the global communication giants. His parents were rural farmers, who impacted on them virtue of hard work which greatly influenced him. He is better understood on his background when he said “It was tough I must tell, there were really rough moments but I never lost focus…”

He has partnered and advertised for Etisalat Communication, and now has moved over to MTN Telecommunication. He made fortune working for them, which has improved his personality. This graduate comedian (most people do not know) has been; University (part time) lecturer at Ogun State University, Western Nigeria in the early 1990’s. In 2001, he became a full time lecturer at Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education. Presently he is a doctorate degree student in Performance Studies at University of Ibadan (as at year 2013), Oyo State, Western Nigeria.

Through hard work he has changed his poor background, from obscurity to limelight. Where he is today was not achieved at once, the Saka brand concept developed in conjunction with Gbenga Oyedapo (head of Theatre Arts Department at Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education) started in 2004, and for sometime they kept developing it for public acceptance including television audience.

Where he is today was a product of continuous trying and developing of his talents (Note it was not just achieved at one swoop). He had worked hard to develop many stage performance but with special interest in comedy. He had faced challenges, but he conquered same; hear him “It was tough I must tell you, there were really rough moments but I never lost focus. My father always advised me to be determined, resolute and to work hard in whatever I do. I give glory to God for my parents. They always told me that nothing good comes easy. Life is a struggle and you must persevere to achieve your dream”. Saka identified his potentials, worked hard, persevered, developed and packaged it well. Be focused and look up to God for direction and jealously work towards it until success comes.

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