NELSON, Dr. Rolihlahia Mandela

Written by James Okere

NELSON, Dr. Rolihlahia Mandela; an epitome of great personality, whose celebrated achievements made him became a world class leader, a legend and mentor for generation yet un-born.

Dr. Nelson Mandela (alias Madiba) is a Lawyer and Politician. His name is synonymous with anti-apartheid crusade in South Africa. Dr. Nelson Mandela was born in 1918 in Transkei, South Africa. His soul rested in peace in the Lord on 5th December, 2013 (95 years).

He saw apartheid regime in South Africa, he fought against it and by the grace of God vide his belief and courage he conquered apartheid. In his struggle against racist regime he had close shave with death.

Dr. Mandela piloted the African National Congress Youth League, and later through industry became the President of African National Congress (ANC). He, leading other mastermind team waged strongly the apartheid regime war. His doggedness in this regard attracted the wrath of the Colonialist.

The apartheid regime arrested Dr. Mandela, tried him for treason and finally sentenced him to life imprisonment in June, 1964 at the age of 46.

For 27 (twenty-seven) years, Dr. Mandela was in prison before being freed. His genuine cause to free his South African people from imperial government got world attention and heavenly support.

While he was serving in jail, many countries and organizations spoke in his favour signifying the positive values which Dr. Mandela has attracted to himself. On February 11, 1990, Dr. Nelson Mandela was released from prison amidst world acclamation.

His release set in motion true process of full blown democratic re-engineering involving the people of South Africa. And having put in a good cause, which attracted strong and dedicated followership, he was elected in 1994 (at the age of 76) as the first President of Democratic South Africa for four years (1994-998).

Today Dr. Mandela is a world class hero adored by many all over the world. His name has been immortalized as a result of his struggle and courage. The African Football Cup previously called Cup Winners is now known as Dr. Nelson Mandela Cup. In addition, in 1993, Dr. Nelson Mandela was awarded Noble Peace Prize for laying a strong foundation for a democratic South Africa.

Through his ANC, he spearheaded the repeal of repressive laws against the blacks. He attracted mastermind South Africans in his non-violent campaign against apartheid like Chief Luthuli, Steve Biko etc.

The unprovoked killing of South Africans at Sharpville (where they gathered to demonstrate against apartheid regime in March 1960) never deterred him in his struggle. The struggle he started, germinated in the minds of his people, hence while he was in the prison his people in 1973 and 1976 revolted against the colonial regime, a demonstration of strength of character in the person of Dr. Mandela.

Having defined his purpose in life and faith in God, he rejected an offer made to him by the apartheid government for him to be released conditionally.

Dr. Nelson Mandela a great man indeed has proved that with God no amount of oppression and degradation can triumph over the determined mind of a man championing a genuine cause. He is indeed an epitome of greatness, who is even adored at death.


Except the brief on Dr. Mandela's death, the above piece contained in my book - You Too Can Be Great....

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