PERSONALITY: Men and women who achieved success would be highlighted including the challenges they faced in the pursuit of greatness.


Written by James Okere


Institutions are developed by personality. Personality is the character inherent in a person. Personality includes values internalized by one which works towards developing a person and society at the same time. A developed personality is a recognized person; a person imbued with trust, honesty, vision and sincerity of purpose. The personality of a person also includes those traits persevered in a course of action to excel in life.

A developed personality is the driven force towards excellence in life pursuits. Accomplished personality is not dwarfed by difficult situations; they continue to move forward positively



Written by James Okere

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God blessed us with various potentials. These potentials could manifest in us as gifts or talents. Gifts and talents are special skills which transform one from slavery to kingship, from obscurity to celebrity. Potentials dwell in us. They are lying inside of us. It takes action or activity by one for these potentials to come to reality.

Some persons are endowed with potentials to provide leadership or demonstrate gift of administration with which acted upon brings out positive transformation in the society. Some have the gift to write, and in their writings their thoughts expressed changes positively the attitude of the readers towards adding value to the society    

Gifts and talents in us occupies special position in the heart of God, thus the Holy Bible gave them prominence and recorded same accordingly. The Holy Bible recognized the role of talents in management of resources which was illustrated with the parable



Written by James Okere

God created us to become a success. When we achieve success the societies we live in will also become a success story. From creation, God charged us to go into the world and take dominium. Taken dominium is asserting our authority on this planet earth. The few who have discovered this early in life are today reckoned with as great achievers. These achievers have through ideas generation changed the face of this planet earth.

All discoveries made by man is linked up to idea generation and implementation via activity of man. The soft minerals we drink and use to entertain guests is a creation of idea. The various designs we see in packaging of products are ideas generation. The aero planes and cars, television sets etc are creation of ideas. The nature of house buildings and the type of house roofing today are products of idea creation and implementation. These



Written by James Okere

“Truly if one has persistence one can get along very well without other qualities” (Napoleon Hill; the great author).
All known successful men persevered to succeed. They believed in themselves and defined their objectives in life. Men and women who preserved to succeed developed a winning spirit.

Quitters are not persistent in an attempt to advance humanity and society. Men who persevered in a particular action developed great self confidence in that respect and at the end were rewarded accordingly due to their efforts.

The Holy Bible knows the weight of perseverance in life pursuit that It stated “So do not throw away your confidence; it will be richly rewarded.You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what he has promised”, (Hebrew 10:35-36).

Discouragement must come in life. Men must face it, but to conquer, we must persevere. Opposition that could


THE DEVELOPED PERSONALITY IN THE CHARACTER OF HARRIS ROSEN; from being sacked from work he rose to own Hotel Empire.

Written by James Okere

Oscar Wilde; Irish Born American Author says “It is personalities not principles that move the age”. The man- Harris Rosen who is based in United States of America (U.S.A) is the owner of Rosen Inn Pointe Orlando, Florida, U.S.A. As at year 2013, Rosen own seven of such Inn (hotel).

Rosen’s case is the story of one who received special favour from God and worked hard to earn a position in the business (hotel) world.

His father, Jack Rosen had worked at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel, but they lived in a rented apartment on the lower Eastside of Manhattan, an area commonly referred to as Hell’s Kitchen.

Harry often visited his father at work and that spurred his interest in the hotel business; which provided a platform for mentorship. After Harry left school and serving in the Army, he started his career at same Waldorf Astoria. He worked hard and

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The Character of Men who Dared and Conquered:

Written by James Okere

The Character of Men who Dared and Conquered:

They dared and conquered. These men and women recorded by history as achievers met very serious challenges, but with their confidence, courage and faith in God they remained undaunted. They were persons who attracted no attention initially, but did achieve relevance when they showed determination and zeal to their cause.

These men and women developed their inherent daring personality virtues. They believed that little drops of water make the mighty ocean, and that a journey of one thousand mile begins with a step.

The character of men who dared, believed that a hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of over whelming obstacles. Initially, achievers failed, but painstakingly they marched forward and succeeded. They faced oppositions, but with positive mental thought, faith in God and their belief, they surmounted mountains. To them, where there

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