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To build success in life you need to develop commitment spirit. Dr. Walter Doyle Staples, author of “Think Like a Winner”stated “There can be no great success without great commitment”. In any positive life endavour, one must be highly committed, developing the I Can Spirit to the course of action. Commitment goes with passion and positive mental attitude which enable somebody to excel. Commitment is decisive action taken to achieve.

We commit ourselves to identified ideas. By nature we are imbued with ideas or dreams we should pursue when we discover our purpose on this planet earth. Achievements of men are product of commitment. The cars we drive and enjoy, the pen we use to write, the writing papers, the electrical bulbs all came as result of commitment. Commitment works with one remaining focus, persevering and developing courage in the face of challenges.

The ideas or dreams we carry with us towards building success in life can only become a reality if we commit our time, energy and creativity into what we do. A committed person imbued with passion to succeed is always available towards his set goals of life. A committed person does not give up. He believes in pressing on to his goals. Those we celebrate as great persons were men, women and youths who devoted themselves towards their plan of action. These men, women and youths we celebrate now, initially were not given any opportunity to succeed, but they remained resolute because they believed in themselves and in their God given talents and gifts, thus committing their time and energy.

To be committed, we should decide what we really want. We should think deep on our talents and gifts which would support us in realizing God’s purpose in our life as to help advance society for the betterment of mankind.

Stephen Skinner a successful pharmacist had a dream to help other Christian entrepreneurs succeed greatly in life, and to do it, he developed a programme tagged “Life Message”. Following his commitment spirit towards the success of the programme, he launched a speaking, coaching and writing business. He committed himself and got his Life Message turned into a book titled “The 100 x Life: 7 Simple Daily Habits That will Transform Your Life, Unlock Your Greatest Potential, and Create a Life Beyond Your Wildest Dream”. This his successes and achievements were after he committed himself to attend a seminar programme titled- Amplify Workshop organized by Jonathan Miligan which took place in October 2015; and between October 2015 and December 2015 the book came out, and between December 2015 and April 2016 he also wrote and published 3 devotional books as supplements to his core book. His commitment improved highly his personality that created four income streams for him in book sales, speaking opportunities, coaching and online course.

The book sales alone created up to six ways in a month royalty, and in addition added to him speaking opportunities, coaching and online programmes. Within less than 12 months his commitment transformed his personality, thus he built a success story of his life.


Benjamin Franklin showed interest to build a success story in the writing world.Benjamin Franklin longed to write for his older brother’s newspaper where he worked as a printing apprentice but his brother refused to let him. Ben wrote stories anyway, under a pen name, “Silence Dogood”, a fictional widow who was very opionated, particularly on the issue of the treatment of women. Every letter was stuck under the printing shop’s door at night to avoid discovery, and “Silenced Dogood” became wildly popular. After sixteen letters, Ben finally admitted that he was the writer and though he received quite a bit of positive attention from everyone else, his brother only grew angrier. This resulted in Ben receiving beatings and finally running away. Ben never allowed his commitment towards his success drive to die as a result of his brother’s attitude.

In line with Benjamin’s success building story, he eventually started his own printing shop and took over a newspaper, the Pennsylvania Gazette, which under his supervision became the most successful in the colonies. Benjamin Franklin wrote a lot in influencing Americans that he became known as the “American Man of Letters”; who later knowing the importance of writing in life developed this motivating quote “Writing is the beginning of all wealth” Ben’s commitment which also brought wonderful public image in his life, led him becoming a successful diplomat in American history, thus he built a success story of his life.

Commitment is a great virtue that transforms one to prominence leading to individual and societal growth. Commitment works greatly with one’s potentials in line with one’s purpose on this earth.

Author’s Spotlight-James Okere is an author, social entrepreneur, inspirational blogger and public speaker. He has published four inspirational and value driven books with Lulu publishers. Please visit his authors spotlight book page,  http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/jamesokere


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