Written by James Okere

Institutions are developed by personality. Personality is the character inherent in a person. Personality includes values internalized by one which works towards developing a person and society at the same time. A developed personality is a recognized person; a person imbued with trust, honesty, vision and sincerity of purpose. The personality of a person also includes those traits persevered in a course of action to excel in life.

A developed personality is the driving force towards excellence in life pursuits. Accomplished personality is not dwarfed by difficult situations; they continue to move forward positively as to influence society. Thus, in the process of building success in life, one’s personality could be developed in many ways amongst which are:

LIFE OF VISION: “Something can manifest, it must first be visualized” says Adolfo Torres. In developing life of vision, we visualize what we want or a career or profession one wants to pursue in life. Some people are luckier to be granted a life of vision by God, while some are mentored to pursue same early in life. Many others live a life not defined or lacking in purpose until woken up. Life of vision backed up with action excels a person to stardom in life. In spite of difficulties and challenges one passes through, a person who have discovered and remained focus with his dream, builds success in life and the society reckons with.

BE INITIATIVE: Anybody who wants to achieve or live a life of success and emulation must have the capacity to initiate activities towards his identified life goals. The mind power must be developed to become creative. Creativity gives insights which turn dormant ideas into activity driven. This is in line with what James Allen said “Through his thoughts, man holds the key to every situation and contains within himself that transforming and regenerative agency by which he may make himself what he wills”. Through being initiative new brands are created that adds value to society thus improving the person(s) behind such action.

DEVELOP YOUR TALENTS: Talent discovery and development is a sure way to build success in life and hence improve the personality of a person. Knowing the importance of this Dr. Myles Munroe a well known pastor, author and public speaker said “Anyone who develops his gifts will become a community”. Also Dr. Ben Carson, a neurosurgeon and world known role model for the youths on talent said “If you recognize your talents, use them appropriately, and choose a field that uses those talents, you will rise to the top of your field”.

If somebody discovers his talents and aligns same towards his education or profession, the person excels greatly. However, if one discovers his talents after acquiring his education, the person would also excel, if he eventually develops his talents.

Dr. Walter Lomax a successful physician in Philadelphia U.S.A also recorded many great achievements in life; including having up to seven successful clinics run professionally. However, Dr. Water Lomax had a great talents and insights on how businesses work. In demonstrating his talents he became a consultant for many businesses and government agencies that profited and had tremendous growth from his consultancy, by this achievements he has expanded his personality in the society.

INCULCATE SELF CONFIDENCE: Without self confidence nobody can develop tremendously in life. With self confidence one manifest himself and put into action activities that transforms a person towards adding value to the society. A person with self confidence confronts fears and discouragements with tenacity of purpose towards his dream or goals in life.

George Bernard Shawbuilt himself and rose to the top through manifesting self confidence in his writing potentials. His mother was a music teacher earning a pittance, and he as a boy worked in an office to supplement the family income. He later resigned his office work, and having discovered himself developed great confidence and took to writing.

Initially, for many years it was not easy for his works to be accepted and published by the newspapers and magazines. But he remained resolute and kept his fighting spirit alive despite successive failures. George B. Shaw remained confident that one day he would succeed, thus he continued to strive towards unlocking his writing talent as to build success story of his life. After some years, a few of his novels were published, but sales were very poor. He did not loose hope and continued writing until he broke the jinx through writing, and became an internationally acclaimed playwright, who won Nobel Prize for literature by building himself and unlocking his potentials.

REMAIN PERSISTENT:Successful men do not quit.Persons who are quitters do not achieve anything. They are not reckoned in life history. Personalities that have realized their dreams of life remained persistent in their pursuit. They visualized the end product of the task before them, and remained resolute with their vision.

Pastor Vincent N. Paul; an author of Persistence Works, a Captain (Military Chaplain) in the United States Army and President of Vincent Paul Ministries International discovered the negative powers of persistence when he said “the primary message of persistence work is for everyone to refuse to give up in the face of challenges or storms of life”. To remain persistent we must not allow discouragement to become a tool to abort one’s goals.

A LIFE OF COMMITMENT:Dr. Walter Doyle Staples, author of “Think Like a Winner” stated “There can be no great success without great commitment”. In any positive life endavour, one must be highly committed, developing the I Can Spirit towards a course of action. Commitment goes with passion and positive mental attitude to excel. Commitment is decisive action taken to achieve.

Stephen Skinner a successful pharmacist had a dream to help other Christian entrepreneurs succeed greatly in life, and to do it, he developed a programme tagged “Life Message”. Following his commitment spirit towards the programme, he launched a speaking, coaching and writing business. He committed himself and got his Life Message turned into a book titled “The 100 x Life: 7 Simple Daily Habits That will Transform Your Life, Unlock Your Greatest Potential, and Create a Life Beyond Your Wildest Dream”.

Finally, building success in life is great virtue that transforms one to prominence leading to individual and societal growth.

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