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Building the youth for the future is to start to let them know early in life on how to develop strong and appreciated character towards achieving success and become a person of value in the nearest future.

It further connotes the youth building themselves to become a unique person imbued with right values of life including obedience, integrity, diligent, determination etc.

In addition, values like descent dressing as well as keeping of good friends amongst the youth are sure way towards building their future; as they inculcate in them with capacity and strong networks for your greatness in life.

Therefore, factors that will help the youth to build themselves include:


The God factor charges you as a youth towards developing a praying attitude and at the same time having a right relationship with God. Napoleon Hill and C. Harold Keown in their book, “Succeed and Grow Rich Through Persuasion” on prayer recorded:

“Express a prayer of gratitude at least twice daily, just before retiring at night and just after rising in the morning, for the blessings you now possess as well as for the things you expect to attain in the future”.

No achievement, no matter how big or small, can be made without the blessings of God to which we have a right through prayer and right relationship.

Thus, the youth should therefore embrace the God factor which will grant them the required faith, trust and confidence in God towards their life pursuits. No achievement, no matter how big or small, can be made without the blessings of God to which we have a right through prayer. God in his words assured us of his support when he said “Commit your plans unto the Lord, and you will be successful in carrying them out” (Proverbs 16:3).


Values like descent dressing as well as keeping of good friends are sure way towards building your future; as they inculcate in you with capacity and strong networks for your greatness in life.


For you to excel as a youth, you should develop a vision of what you want to achieve in life. One’s vision must be in line with one’s purpose on this planet earth. The place of God in discovering one’s vision is important. If one’s vision is developed early in life, your success story starts early as well. Developed vision should be backed by working plan. Vision developed and pursued leads to destiny fulfillment in life.

Chinedu Nsofor as a student graduated from the University of Nigeria, Enugu State Eastern Nigeria, had an idea and developed same accordingly. He is 27 years as at year 2017. Chinedu Nsofor set his vision of life and identified his goals to pursue as to impact life in his environment. While at the University he developed his dream project- WORK WHILE IN SCHOOL; a programme designed to encourage our undergraduates to start early to think on their future plan of life.


You should encourage yourself to read books as a youth. The quality of the books you read also empowers you towards building your future mind to start the process of thinking to live right and excel in life; through proper articulation of strong values, which would make the youth do away with cultism, armed robbery, kidnapping and other social vices and engaging in entrepreneurship activities leading to wealth creation.

Read. Read books. That is how to get someplace in life”. (Kurt Schmoke, a lawyer and former Mayor of Baltimore, his message to young people).

Your reading books and other quality periodicals will aid in building the lives of the youths positively. The more you read as a youth, the more knowledge you get, to improve your lives and the society we live in.

Reading will improve information/literacy development of the youths for societal change.

Readers are Leaders is a popular saying that should galvanize the youth to embrace reading books towards personal and societal development.


As a youth desirous to develop, you should have great faith in God and in yourself. You should believe that God has endowed you with traits with which to excel. You should be aware that God has not given you the spirit of fear, but the spirit to succeed in life. You should radiate confidence with which to win.

As a youth in your life pursuits you should also exhibits inner strength, remain positive and by so doing attract wonderful public image on your side towards the realization of your dreams.


One sure way our youth will excel greatly in life is for them to discover and develop their talents. These talents include potentials, skills, gifts, abilities etc. They are heavenly deposit in one. They must be developed and put it into right use. Many youth have excelled in business, sports, writing, governance, motivational/ public speaking etc because they started early enough to develop their talents.

If Chimgozirim Uloma Amah (student of Adventist Secondary Technical College Owerrinta, Abia State, at the age of sixteen (16) years (in 2013), could have written four books with two of them “Games of the Elite” and “The Intruder” published, while the other two as at then were awaiting publication, it means that our youth with the desire and same talent could do more as well.

The youth who have barbing interest should develop same. Those who have writing interest should also develop same. Those who have computer word processor interest should also develop same. Those who have special interest in the intricacies of computer should show interest in computer design /applications, website designed, online publishing etc.


Another way our youth can build themselves as to succeed in life is to have a mentor. A mentor is a guide, a councilor. If one locates a mentor, his life would be guided early in life. Parents are mentors. Lectures are mentors. Friends and relatives are also mentors. Authors and speakers also serve as mentors. Leaders are also mentors. The primary role of a mentor is to help bring the mentees to the original purpose of their life as to live a destiny fulfilled life.

The role of Sonya Carson is a typical role a parent plays in the life of their Children. Dr. Ben Carson ; a world acclaimed Neurologist and an international role model for many youths today has severally written on the role the mother who encouraged him with right values of life including reading books early in life played over him towards his accomplishment in life.

Tony Elumelu, a former Managing Director of Standard Bank and UBA Plc, and now the Chairman of Heirs Holdings and Founder of Tony Elumelu Foundation said that he was mentored by the father who encourage him to develop saving culture in life. This saving culture provided him the financial background of his life; a case of mentorship.

TAKE ACTION: Preston Vanderven said “A dream with no action is just a wish”. To occupy a space as a youth, you should take action in any identified activity. If as a youth you develop a vision plan, read books, have talents etc, without taken action, all is in vain. Taken action would manifest who you are before the people. What you manifest will be a measure of value people and society will place on you as well. If the persons mentioned so far in this paper never took action, history would not have recorded them positively.

Therefore, our youth should employ the BASATA SUCCESS PRINCIPLE as espoused by my humble self, James Okere. BASATA SUCCESS PRINCIPLE; Begin Action/ Activity. Start Action/ Activity. Take Action/ Activity. This is one sure way of building your future and personality thereby moving towards your life goals and accomplishments.

Finally, I live our youth with the words of Martin Luther King Jnr. A black American Baptist Pastor who said “My friends, in spite of the difficulties and frustrations of the moment, I still have a dream”. Please students, keep your vision and dream alive, you shall surely succeed in building yourself to achieve greatness attested to by the society.

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