Written by James Okere

“The greatest tragedy to befall a person is to have a sight but lack vision” ( Helen Kelly, the wonderful blind and deaf person). The import of her message is to underscore the importance of dream or vision in the life of a person. Martin Luther King Jr. is noted as the proponent of “I have a Dream”. This followed his consistent struggle to end racial discrimination in United States of America. A battle he fought tenaciously to free the world.

In his I have a dream; which gave him strength for his vision, he stated thus “I have a dream that my little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the colour of their skin, but by the content of their character”. His dream came to fulfillment in the year 2008, after 45 years when all Americans rallied round Barack Obama Jr. and elected him the 44th President of America.

Today he is being celebrated and appreciated. He is being quote by many. He is being emulated by many as well. Thus Martin Luther King Jr. answered the question, “what is your dream?”

Also, to inspire and bring out the best in people, Eugene Lang started a foundation called “I have a Dream”. Eugene Lang was an American and a successful entrepreneur. He was also Success Magazine “Successful Man’ of the Year in 1986. He is a strong believer that encouragement brings the best in man.

Lang used the foundation- “I have a Dream”, he started to inspire hope amongst the citizens by going into class rooms to speak to Americans to inculcate positive values. Because of the tremendous impact of his programme, other American entrepreneurs copied his model. His idea further inspired the United States Congress, that introduced same for a nationwide education programme called “GEAR UP”, which started in 1998 to inspire American students to think what to become in future; a demonstration of the power of vision.

In demonstrating his dream project, Eugene Lang applied the principle of staying power; which sustained him tremendously. Imagine he left his idea when he faced initial challenges occasioned by people’s own thinking. The result today would have been that history would not have recorded a positive place for him in United States of America. Thus Eugene Lang answered the question, “what is your dream?”

The question, “what is your dream?”, is an attempt to prepare the minds of the people to start answering the question through developing an idea or dreaming of what one wants to be in life or thinking on where an institution would want to be or what to achieve as an entity.

A dream is an idea. Dreams are creation of nature. Dreams are divinely powered. God himself created man to demonstrate creative powers residing in him/her. These creative ideas are agents of change on this planet earth. An idea when created and perfected becomes a strong value in the society.

In developing our vision, we should identify where one is, what one has done and have total review of one as to gather strength towards advancing one’s vision. In addition, what a person wants to achieve in line with one’s gifts also energize one’s dream of life.

When a vision has been identified, it would be powered or put into action, without action, a vision becomes a mere dream. Preston Vander ven (an online marketing expert) says “A dream with no action is just a wish”. In powering a vision, one should become creative and demonstrate commitment towards his dream project. In addition, one must develop courage and persistence, and be proactive. Courage and perseverance will give one the energy for sustainability.

To develop your idea or dream, one must write it down so that it becomes a goal with clear purpose. Bill Newman; a distinguished Austrian speaker, author and writer said “Without setting goals your visions and dreams are just wishful thinking”. These dreams developed are meant to be powered through action or work. In addition, for the dream to be active the dream bearer will remain persistent, work hard and developed staying power required in making such dream become a reality.

Therefore, the question; “what is your dream?”; is a wakeup call for all to strive to develop an idea of what to achieve in line with God’s purpose of his life. When we champion our dreams we are contributing towards building a positive value orientated society for the people. Dreams or visions can take longer time, but in all, they are achievable.

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