Written by James Okere

Pastor. C Maxwell; an internationally recognized leadership expert, speaker and author in his book the 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership stated that several years ago while teaching leadership to a group of people in Denver U.S.A., he noticed the activities of a nineteen year old named Brian, who he said he spoke to and encouraged him thus “Brian, I’ve been watching you here”, “I said, “and I’m impressed with how hungry you are to learn and glean and grow. I want to tell you a secret that will change your life”. I believe that in about twenty years, you can be a great leader. I want to encourage you to make yourself a lifelong learner of leadership. Read books, listen to tapes regularly, and keep attending seminars. And whenever you come across a golden nugget of truth or a significant quote, file it away for the future.

Today, Brian Tracy is an accomplished author, leadership expert and motivator.

Dr. Ben Carson; a world acclaimed Neurologist and an international role model for many youths today admitted that his success story became possible largely because he received mentorship from his mother: Sonya Carson; who encouraged him and mentored him to read books in order to learn and develop his mind. In his book-“Think Big”, he appreciated his mother’s mentorship and dedicated chapter two titled- My Mother, Sonya Carson to her.

The two above are what mentorship does in the lives of the people especially the youths.

Mentorshipis a sure way of human capacity building. It works towards directing the mind of people towards achieving success in life as to make impact in our society.

It is on record that many people have rose to stardom through mentoring values. The mentorship could be in any chosen profession including business, agriculture, technology, management, writing, publishing, leadership, craft etc.

Therefore, every positive step taken to tune the minds of our youths for a positive action connotes inculcating mentoring values. Thus, mentoring our youths leads to one form of development or the order in the society. The essence of mentoring the youths by individuals and societal values is to positively direct their energy towards identifying all the values that could shape and lead them towards achieving greatness attested to by the society.

Hence, mentorship in our youths involves role modeling activity which build the character of our youths.

Historically, youths occupy very important position in directing the course of any nation, well mobilized youths would play this role prominently. It is therefore in line with this, that lots of efforts are being channeled to mentor our youths.

The power of youth mentorship works towards directing the mind of people to achieve success in life as to make impact in our society.

In addition if youth mentorship is encouraged, it would impact in them as to bring into action their abilities and talents which would improve one’s personality and help influence society positively. The essence of mentorship is to enable the person being mentored to become a change agent in the society, which is distinguishing factor for excellence in life pursuits.

Thus mentorship creates positive values in a person. It creates these values which enable one to succeed in life. These values include hard work, determination, patience, courage etc.

Thus mentorship amongst our youths could be further developed through reading, conference, listening to tape, setting up of youth foundations.

Reading books including biographies of men and women, leadership and inspiring books have been established as a sure way to mentor the youths. Ogbo Awoke Ogbo: a Nigerian and founder of Giant thoughts International said “My father’s library stirred me up to what I am today. I wish parents can inculcate reading in their children because it can transform their destinies for the better”.

Also Pastor John .C Maxwell admitted that reading books was instrumental to his successes in life. He said his father who was a Pastor espoused him to reading and attending conferences, with such youthful background he pursued his career in life.

Tiger Wood; the great Golfer was encourage by his father at a young age when he showed interest in golf spots. His Father mentored him via purchasing him golf club and clothing at the age of three; he also took him to golf course everyday and further mentored and taught him the skills and science of the game.

Nigerians should therefore take it upon themselves to mentor our youths. We can mentor Nigerian youths either individually or as a group. Since reading has been identified as sure mentoring values, we should be involved in DONATE BOOK PROJECT to our younger ones. We should also encourage organizing seminars/conferences for the youths. This could be done at our village and community levels. We can also expand same to hold youth conferences at higher institutions or amongst the various youth groups.

Institutions and organizations should as part of their social responsibilities set up Youth Foundations to mentor our youths as to become better persons in the society. If the world takes delight in youth’s mentorship it would invariably inculcate positive values amongst them for the betterment of our society and mankind.

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