MENTORSHIP: Issues on mentorship including how people could be mentored would be portrayed. Also how mentorship has helped humanity would be.


Written by James Okere


In 1998 a United Nations (UN) resolution proclaiming August 12th as International Youth Day was adopted during the World Conference of Ministers Responsible for Youth.

In 1999, UN General Assembly further endorsed the recommendation. On 12th August 2000, the first International Youth Day was celebrated. This celebration has continued every 12th August till date.

The declaration of International Youth Day and subsequent celebrations were to create an avenue for World Youth mobilization and sensitization by countries and her institutions to become better persons in the society.

These sensitization spanning in areas including education,


The Power of Mentorship

Written by James Okere

The Power of Mentorship; works towards directing the mind of people to achieve success in life as to make impact in our society.

In addition it is that process that is impacted in a person to enable bring him to a position to equal his abilities and talents as to improve ones personality and influence society positively. The essence of mentorship is to enable the person being mentored to become a change agent, and a changing agent in the society. Thus mentorship creates positive values in a person. It creates these values which enable one to succeed in life. These values include hard work, determination, patience, courage etc.

Mentorship covers all facets of lives. It could be in administration, medicine, agriculture, artistic works, vocational jobs, sports etc. A critical factor of mentorship is ones inherent ability or talents which is distinguishing factor for excellence in life pursuits.


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Reading as a Mentorship Tool

Written by James Okere

Reading As a Mentoring Tool; the knowledge gained in reading books have shaped the lives of those who discovered and taped the values of such discovery.

Dr. Ben Carson; a world acclaimed Neurologist and an international role model for many youths today admitted that his success story became possible largely because he was encouraged to read books in order to learn and develop his mind.

Many people have gained what Dr. Ben Carson also gained from reading book. Some have even gained more than Dr. Ben Carson. All over the world many people who achieved great and tremendous things have exposed themselves to reading many books especially books x-raying how men shaped their lives and rose to greatness.

Reading quality books is very important and through such books the spirit man is disciplined towards achievements. Reading brings out silent issues giving one the encouragement to continue in an endavour and

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Ms. Evelyn N. Oputa, OON

Written by James Okere

Ms. Evelyn N. Oputa, OON ; an excellent Nigerian Banker whose management skills and innovations motivated, mentored and developed many businessmen and industries.

Evelyn N. Oputa is the Managing Director of Bank of Industry (BOI). This alumnus of the University of Lagos, Western Nigeria and Harvard Business School, Boston U.S.A. has effectively piloted Bank of Industry to an enviable position. She has galvanized the funds needed by many Nigerian industrialists and businessmen.

This banking Amazon, who believed strongly in the words of Napoleon Hill that “Directed faith makes every thought crackle with power” has worked and developed high competence in the management of projects to grow Nigerian economy in the areas of power, aviation, manufacturing etc. In addition, to given women special recognition and mentoring them as well, she has developed in BOI what is called Business Development Fund for Women (BUDFOW). Highly determined to excel in her career, Evelyn

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Mentorship and Youth Development

Written by James Okere

Mentorship and Youth Development; is a sure way of human capacity building. It works towards directing the mind of people towards achieving success in life as to make impact in our society.

It is on record that many people have rose to stardom through mentoring values. The mentorship could be in any chosen profession including business, agriculture, technology, management, writing, publishing, leadership, craft etc.

Therefore, every positive step taken to tune the minds of our youths for a positive action connotes inculcating mentoring values. Thus, youth mentorship leads to one form of development or the order. The essence of mentoring the youths is to positively direct their energy towards identifying all the values that could shape and lead them towards achieving greatness attested to by the society.

Hence, mentorship in our youths involves role modeling activity in the character of our youths.

Historically, youths occupy a very important position in

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Dr. Chuks Osuji, OON

Written by James Okere

Dr. Chuks Osuji, OON – a Nigerian and an extra-ordinary mentor who worked tirelessly and authored a total of 21 books, with 11 of them authored as a Blind person; a clear mark of hard work and determination.

Dr. Chuks Osuji hails from the humble family of Osuji in Ihitteafoukwu of Ekwerazu in Ahiazu Mbaise Local Government Area of Imo State, Eastern Nigeria.
Dr. Osuji out of sheer determination was able to obtain his G.C.E. O/L and A/L certificates through correspondence courses. This indeed was a rare achievement.

Dr. Osuji, with his mind focused to achieve excellence worked hard that by 1976, he travelled to the United States of America where he obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science/History. In addition, he also obtained his Master Degree from the same University of Texas, Arliton and Ph.D still in Political Science/History from North Texas University, Denton in 1979. He achieved the

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