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There is no body on this planet earth who does not desire to become successful. Everybody would want to be described as a great person in a chosen career or profession. From beginning God created man to become a success story. God instructed us in the Holy Bile to become fruitful on this planet earth. Fruitfulness means to live a life of accomplishments attested to by the society. Thus a successful person attains a special height in the society. The person is acknowledged, recognized, and admired. The person becomes a role model in the society. By God’s instruction on achieving success, it means that there is the God factor in the life of anyone who would want to achieve greatness.

Building success in life is a journey. It is a journey of trials and failures. It is a journey of ups and downs. It is a journey of denials. It is a journey of developing one’s personality. It is a journey of building one’s talents, gifts and abilities in life. In this journey, if one did not give up, success is assured as God rewards hard work.

“The first step towards success is taken when you refuse to be a captive of the environment in which you first find yourself” (Mahatma Gandhi).

Therefore, building success in life has both the spiritual and physical connotations. The spiritual gives confirmation that God from the beginning approved man to become an achiever. The Holy Bible recorded that a man who works diligently shall stand before great people. It further stated that God gives power to make wealth.

On the other hand, the human angle of building success in life opined that one must make conscious efforts if one must succeed in life. This is where the success values of life come in. These values are vision, hard work, persistence, determination, prayer etc. Therefore, in all totality, achieving success must embrace both the spiritual and human angle factors. Both must strike a balance and work complimentarily.

Successes can be achieved through developing a dream, working on the vision developed. In addition, to succeed we must develop a heart of prayer to enable us have equipped conquering spirits. Seeking information by one is also a sure way to achieve greatness. Success comes also through locating a mentor; this is what also raised James Owen to greater height in sports. Many years ago, James Owen wanted to become a great athlete in Europe. He sorts for the view of his coach; who gave him four keys to stardom: determination, dedication, discipline and attitude. James Owen started working on them. At the 1923 Berlin Olympics he got four gold medals and his record in long jump lasted for 25 years unbroken. He did not just have a goal, but he applied himself to the four vital keys for success.

The same success values listed above, and in addition to having commitment and endurance spirits were values that gave Tyler Perry (famed playwright, director, actor and producer) success, fame, honour, elevation in his profession. To make it to Hollywood filmmaking was difficult. It would have led him to give up but he continued, and being a black worsened his case towards realizing his destiny in the area of film producing. Tyler Perry was from New Orleans’s Seventh Ward. He fought a battle, built his success carrier path, developed a heart of an achiever and he succeeded.

At the age of twenty-two, Tyler wrote, directed and produced many stage plays that were financed with his personal savings. For more performances than he could count, only a handful of people showed up. This went on for years, but he persevered. He continued to save and invest his own money to produce the plays, but nothing seemed to take off and he remained patient with his destiny. Even when the cast performed to nearly empty house, Tyler never let go of his dream. He powered his dream and battled all obstacles to produce another play, even when no one had come to the previous one.

Tyler was even ridiculed by the Hollywood executives who told him, they could not back his movie because “Black people don’t go to the movies”. He held on and refused to let go of his dream to write, direct, produce plays and movies.

Tyler was only fighting to keep his destiny; he wasn’t fighting side battles of rejection, ridiculing etc. He invested his Warrior Spirit in fights that were worth the effort to get his plays and films produced. At a time he was homeless and slept in his automobile all in a bid to keep his dream alive. Because he never gave up, the winds of fate changed in his favour and he has since sold millions of theater and movies tickets to fans of his beloved Madea persona.

Tyler Perry made his brain work in the words of Kenyon E.W (author) who said “Make your brain work, it will sweat, but make it work, then it will improve, it will develop, until you become the envy of those around you”. He remained tenacious towards his vision and he succeeded in his chosen profession.

Building success is indeed a journey. In as much we live in a hostile and discouraging environment, suffice it to say that greatness emanates highly from an unfriendly environment; as great and tremendous accomplishments have been recorded during period of crises, trials and discouragements in one’s life.

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