Written by James Okere

Desire is the propelling force to achieve what the mind conceives. Desire is an inspiring force. Desire works with one’s vision of life. What the mind achieves is championed by action and not by words alone. Action one puts towards developing the inner mind leads to positive accomplishments in life endavour. Tony O. Elumelu, a Nigerian financial expert, entrepreneur and founder of Tony Elumelu Foundation on the need for action said “This should not be a complaining generation, but a doing generation. We talk and complain too much. It’s time to take action. Do”.

On desire, Napoleon Hill and E. Harold Keown in their book, “Succeed And Grow Rich Through Persuasion”, writes, “Out of strong desire grow the motivating forces which cause men to cherish hopes, build plans, develop courage and stimulate their minds to action in pursuit of their definite plan or purpose…wishing for a thing is not the same as desiring it with such intensity that out of this desire grow impelling forces for constructive action”.

Developing the inner desire will make one become more positive in his quest to succeed in life. When desire is powering the inner mind, it will push one to continue to move forward. It will make one to look beyond challenges of life.

Michael Jordan is one of the greatest basket ball players this generation has ever known. When he was asked how he grew into a star, he said that when he was in secondary school, he was shamefully fired from the college basketball team because he was not good enough. He wanted to prove to the coach that he had made a mistake.

Jordan powered by desire, began to develop his imagination and mental picture of what he wanted to become. He added that his thoughts began to grow out of his life dream. Driving further by his life purpose, he started playing in smaller courts. His skill and fame began to spread. The coach included him again in the main team and from then on, he grew and grew in skill till he became so famous that he now wines and dines with Presidents of nations. This is the power of desire in the life a person.

In developing our inner desire, we must consider being positive and having positive perception towards our identified goal. If we remain positive, we shall search for opportunities to advance our desire and in some cases opportunities will open up for one, who is desirous to succeed in life.

When Grandma Moses as she came to be called, was a young girl, she had a desire to paint, but her family and friends did not encourage her. They told her that, as a farm girl, her role in life was to marry a farm boy and to have and raise farm kids. So she put her heart’s desire aside and did what she thought was supposed to do.

She had children by the time she was out of her teens, and more children in her 20s. In her 40s she became a grandmother and in her 60s a great-grand mother. When she turned 75, her husband was dead and her children were grown, and the doctor told her that she was too old to work on the farm any longer. She felt that she didn’t have much time left, so she decided to fulfill her “heart’s desire” and do some painting before she passed on.

Powered by her life desire, she went to a nearby town and visited an art store. The person in the art store sold her some paints and canvasses and brushes, and showed her how to use them. She went back to her farm and sat down and began painting what came to be called “primitive American landscape”.

Grandma Moses finished her first painting when she was 78. When she was 101 years old, a major gallery in New York City held a showing of her works. In the 10 years of her life, some of her paintings were selling for more than a $100,000.00 each.

This is a person who had a desire for paintings and who was told as a young girl that she couldn’t paint because it cost too much and no one could afford it. Yet when she began painting, she earned more in a year from her paintings than she and her husband had earned in an entire lifetime of hard work on the farm. She was not only a complete national personality; she was also a totally original talent; a proof of desire in a personality.

It’s been estimated that, if she had begun painting in her late teens as she really wanted to do and her paintings had been so successful commercially as they still are today, she might have become one of the richest woman in America.

Fulfilling one’s desire is a task one must be pursued with great faith, enthusiasm, passion, discipline, work and self esteem.

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