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LEADERS LIFE STYLE: Leaders influence society. They have developed their lives. They have built a reputation in a particular area of life. They have carved a niche in their chosen profession. The life style or attitude is emulated by people around them and people who have followed their contributions to society or legacies they have left behind. Leaders’ life style is typified of their destiny fulfillment on this planet earth.

Some of these life styles of leaders include:

Connected to the Source of Life: Leaders knew that there is God who is the creator of all things and in Him greatness comes from. Leaders understood the spiritual angle of success. They do all they could to remain to the source of life from where they draw their ideas and creative energy to accomplish great things.

High Ethical Standards: Leaders manifest excellent spirit and in addition, they manifest integrity in what they do. The lives of men like Moses, Joshua, Daniel etc, (in the Holy Bible) are all worthy of mention.

Character: The leaders live a life of influencing others. Their ways are positive towards building individuals and society. Following their character, they are trusted and could be relied upon. The greatest disservice any leader could show is not to be trusted by those who look up to him.

Self Esteem: Leaders show strong self esteem. They are not timid. They are positive that life will bring out the best to them. In any action they pursue, they remain optimistic of success without thinking of failing. Even if they fail, they see it as an opportunity to plan for the better.

Discipline: Leaders live a life of discipline. They maintain the process established in a chosen endavour without cutting corners. They therefore remain faithful. Disciple is so important thatBill Newman; a distinguished Austrian speaker, author and writer said “Nothing worthwhile or significant is possible without discipline”

Vision: Leaders life style also manifest in their generating vision of life or accomplishment. They strongly believe that ideas rule the world, and even if they have not reached their goals or dreams destination, they kept their vision alive. Disappointments do not deter them in their life pursuit. Walt Disney kept his vision of establishing Disney Land up to approaching the 302 Bank that bought into his dream project towards establishing Disney Land; a known tourism center in Orland, U.S.A.

Courage: Leaders also display rare courage; which gives them positive attractions. They are aware that their dreams are aborted for lack of courage. Thus these class of leaders demonstrates the 4 Cs of courage; courage to begin, courage to continue, courage to finish and courage to sustain.

Leaders including Moses, Joshua and Daniel (recorded in the Holy Bible), Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Mandela, Thomas Edison etc all demonstrated courage to lead the people. The accomplishments of Pastor John C. Maxwell today including in writing and leadership development; is a demonstration of courage.

Education and Knowledge: Leaders seek for education and knowledge for which the values of their lives are developed. Daniel Ally (the author and founder of Ally Way International Washington) imbibed knowledge. Alicia Dunamis is an international Trainer and author who is a leader in his own right. The leadership position Harsh Agrawal occupies today came through writing via his blogging activities.

Also Benjamin Franklin is another writer whose works manifested great leadership via the books and articles he wrote. Pastor John C. Maxwell; an internationally recognized leadership expert, speaker and author also sort and advanced knowledge in life. They all became global leaders to reckon with because the appropriated the values of education and knowledge.

Perseverance: Leaders are focused; this they achieved through perseverance. They remain painstakingly towards a particular line of action. They show loyalty, determination and develop creative energy leading them to succeed in life.

In addition, leaders life style also manifest in their being empathic. They have strong feeling for other people and are ready and willing to help and encourage the people to actualize their goals of life.

Also, leaders appreciate the power of delegation and partnership or team spirit which aid in empowering people to manifest their potentials, talents and gifts and by so doing mentor the people they delegate authority to.

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