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Works that are product of writing is a value that creates leadership potentials in people. Leaders are men and women who would develop themselves and work towards changing the society for the better; a prominent role performed by writers and readers of writers works. These leaders are men and women who would not allow their talents which writers aid to achieve to be wasted. Leadership activities exist in all facets of the society. Outside governmental level, leadership also exists in both public and private institutions. Leadership exists at the Church, community and kindred levels as well. Leadership also manifest at social institutions and organizations for which writers works cover as a way to promote societal values.

Book writing is a signature project, especially book of substance. Every chapter in a book is a beacon that will leave the test of time. Any book written introduces one to the outside world. Any book written serves as a complimentary card for introduction. Any book written can take one to homes and offices the person ordinarily would not have reached. As people read the author, opinion about the writer is formed which leads to the author being contacted for future assignments that would further positively position the author. Every author who had worked hard and burnt midnight oil enjoys fame; however, it takes time. Ideas created by the author become values learnt by the people which aid them to realize their potentials including leadership values on this planet earth.

Recently, Daniel Ally (the author and founder of Ally Way International Washington) espoused the importance associated with writing a book in a bid to become impactful towards providing leadership. Some of the ways he propounded is that writers create credibility in the society. A credible person is a respected and appreciated person as his ideas are sort for. Daniel Ally also opined that writing a book provides for personal growth which develops one’s leadership potentials in the society. He continued and said that writing books creates more positive contents and an inspired audience that would learn positive values, thus contribute to personal and societal development. Daniel Ally has written a lot in a bid to lead and galvanize readers towards societal growth. He is a global leader to reckon with.

Alicia Dunamis is an international Trainer and author who is a leader in his own right. He opined that writing books build in the writer or author a personality with the right values to live an accomplished life emulated by the people and by so doing inspire the people into success.

In addition, writing articles in newspapers or magazines or journals or other periodicals is a sure way to inculcate leadership values in the people and by so doing improve somebody’s world. Through articles writing, the writer established his identity before his readers. The writer could become an opinion molder that could be sort for. Writing opens the writer to windows of opinion assessment. Through writing articles; positive values of life are further espoused and by so doing, advance the minds of readers positively. In all, the writer is known, respected and elevated. Such writer could be sort for to impact the people with right values.

The leadership position Harsh Agrawal occupies today came through writing via his blogging activities. Harsh is an Indian who read engineering, but developed interest in writing and blogging. He developed the blog called Shout Meet were he initiates ideas where professional bloggers learn blogging and network with fellow bloggers, thus providing leadership for the people. As at now, after seven years (2017) of his journey, as a writer, he is impacting his people and living a successful life being a blogger. Harsh Agrawal is being invited to speak at conferences on blogging which has uplifted his people.

Benjamin Franklin is another writer whose works manifested great leadership in him and provided leadership potentials for others which galvanized the people towards societal advancement.

Benjamin Franklin wrote a lot in influencing Americans that he became known as the American Man of Letters; who later knowing the importance of writing in life developed this motivating quote “Writing is the beginning of all wealth” Ben’s commitment which also brought wonderful public image in his life, led him becoming a successful diplomat in American history. The leadership he provided to the people as a result of his writing talents galvanized men and women into developing their personal worth and by so doing contributing towards societal development.

Pastor John C. Maxwell; an internationally recognized leadership expert, speaker and author has used his numerous writing works to train up many leaders in different parts of the world. Many of these leaders will admit that John Maxwell books have been of tremendous help in developing their personality and character.

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