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In his book – The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership authored by John C. Maxwell, he stated clearly that “Leadership is a process”, thus any willing person would be ready to key into it. The hallmark of leadership is to inspire people towards developing themselves and building the society with right values.

Bishop David Onyedepo founder of Living Faith Church Worldwide (Winners Chapel) speaking on leadership and his congregation said “I keep investing time, energy and resources in developing their leadership potentials through seminars, summit and conferences”.

The process of building leadership include through education, conferences and seminars, reading, institutional development, mentorship, strong ethical values, characters, spirit of integrity and excellence, etc.

Leaders are men and women who would develop themselves and work towards changing the society for the better. These leaders are men and women who would not allow their talents to be wasted. Rather they work tenaciously towards putting their talents and gifts to work as to promote humanity in diverse ways.

Leadership activities exist in all facets of the society. Outside governmental level, leadership also exists in both public and private institutions. Leadership exists at the Church, community and kindred levels as well. Leadership also manifest at social institutions and organizations. Thus to achieve leadership objectives; the values of leadership must be developed.

As we speak about leadership, the world is yielding towards transformational leadership, which carries with it the vision and drives for accomplishments in the society. In addition to the above, is the Team Leadership Spirit which is the hallmark of the 21st Century Leadership. At whatever level or position we find ourselves, we are providing one form of leadership role or the other; hence we strive and consistently build same.

The significance of building leadership has made it possible for societal agents to be ready to inculcate leadership values. In this regard, the family, schools, and society are all playing one role or the other to provide and develop leadership values amongst the people.

At global level, institutions like Young African Leadership Initiative, MTN Foundation, Tony Elumelu Foundation, Clinton Global Initiative, EQUIP are all playing one role or the other towards building leadership skills amongst all.

To actualize this, reading is one sure way identified to build one’s leadership potentials. Through reading, positive values are learnt and developed. Many great men and women have attested to the power associated with reading in leadership development and these men who embraced reading as part of their leadership building process include Warren Buffet, Pastor John C. Maxwell, Brian Tracy, Preston Vander ven, Michael Virardi, Dr. Myles Munroe, Ogbo Awoke Ogbo, Dr. Poly Emenike etc (both are Nigerians).

Organizing Reading competitions would also go a long way towards building leadership values thereby building a sustainable society.   Some organizations in Nigeria like - Read Africa Initiative project of United Bank of Africa (UBA) Plc, Channels TV Book Club, UAC Goodness League project, Bishop Mike Okonkwo (Bishop of The Redeemed Evangelical Mission (TREM)- National Essay Competition, Airtel Nigeria- “Reading for Leading” Campaign, Lafarga Africa Plc and Ovie Brume Foundation have all been in the vanguard of building leadership through promoting literacy skills.

In addition, through organizing conferences/seminars ready grounds will be provided towards building leadership amongst the people. At conference programmes, new leadership skills are learnt. Recent studies have proved that those who attend conferences/ seminars were better positioned towards building their leadership potentials and skills which aid the development of humanity and society.

Also listening to leadership tapes and picking leadership notes will provide veritable avenue towards leadership development as well.

Furthermore, the ability to provide mentorship will, accelerate the leadership qualities of the people. Mentorship enables one to be encouraged. Pastor Maxwell in his book the 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership stated that several years ago while teaching leadership to a group of people in Denver U.S.A., he noticed the activities of a nineteen year old named Brian Tracy, who he said he spoke to and encouraged him thus “Brian, I’ve been watching you here”, “I said, “and I’m impressed with how hungry you are to learn and glean and grow. I want to tell you a secret that will change your life”. I believe that in about twenty years, you can be a great leader. I want to encourage you to make yourself a lifelong learner of leadership. Read books, listen to tapes regularly, and keep attending seminars. And whenever you come across a golden nugget of truth or a significant quote, file it away for the future.

Finally, through our developing leadership values amongst the people, we can inculcate in them the values of courage, focus, integrity, perseverance, respect which would lead them towards self and societal development that would impact society.

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