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Monica Chettal a TransformationCoach and HR Consultant stated thus “Leaders are Readers, so if you are creating leaders in the team, ensure that they read. Share articles and books amongst team members and help them stimulate strategic thoughts”.

Leadership is a process, thus any willing person would be ready to key into. Reading is that great value which positions one to build himself or herself into relevance. Any reader who imbibes the value of leadership would have the capacity to influence, inspire, direct, encourage, motivate, mobilize and activates to pursue a common goal for personal and societal development. Reading books has the potentials of making one imbibe all the elements of leadership as listed above.

Reading provides one with innovative mind set for self development towards achieving success and greatness in life attested to by the society. The power of reading is a great virtue in human development. Reading will build in any person with new knowledge, information and skills needed to contribute towards society which aid in sustainable development.

Reading will give anybody that embraces it the motivation and skills to contribute towards transforming their societies into safe, secure and productive environments.

Reading will inspire one and another to engage each other on how to make contributions towards ending poverty in the society. Their engaging one and another would create awareness and build peace in the land to work on projects to end poverty in the land.

Warren Buffet the world renowned investor and entrepreneur once held up a stack of papers and said “read 500 pages like this every day. That’s how knowledge builds up like compound interest. Buffet estimates that he spends 80 % of his working day reading at work (financial statements, journals and reports) and at home (newspapers and books). The message here is that as a reader he achieved greatness through reading to expand his knowledge with which he his world.

Poly Emenike a Nigerian entrepreneur stated that following the influence of Napoleon Hill two books (Think and Grow Rich and Law of Success) which he read provided him ready ground and he therefore made several efforts to reach the Board members of Napoleon Hill Foundation. Poly Emenike’s attempt to reach the board was difficult, but he remained consistent and persevered for ten years before he eventually reached the board.

This contact with the Board as a result of the influence of Napoleon Hill’s book had tremendous influence on his business enterprise and brought him into lime light, when the board of Napoleon Hill Foundation decorated him with the Napoleon Hill Foundation Gold Medal Award and plaque in the year 2012. His effort in reading Napoleon’s two books had tremendous influence in making him reach the board and being recorded in the history of the foundation as the only person outside United States of America to be honoured with such an award.

Poly Ike Emenike who found it difficult after the Nigerian civil war to pay his school fees, who took School Certificate Examination at the age of 32 years, is also today a holder of a doctorate degree, and in addition, he is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of NERO’S, a pharmaceutical company based in Nigeria, a feat he achieved through reading.

Dr. Ben Carsonaworld known Neurologist stated “There is just no limit to what people can accomplish when they develop their minds and use book to acquire knowledge”. Dr. Carson developed his capacity in life as a youth via reading books and other literary works.

Ogbo Awoke Ogbo: a Nigerian and founder of Giant thoughts International said “My father’s library stirred me up to what I am today. I wish parents can inculcate reading in their children because it can transform their destinies for the better”. He added, my father had this book titled, “Makers of Civilization”, He said the book opened his eyes to what people could achieve in life. The leadership he provides today came as a result of reading.

Dr. Myles Munroe; conference speaker and author said, I have come to understand the gifts and dreams God has placed within me more every year. So to help develop them, I read at least fourteen books a year. In my busy schedule, I find time before I go to sleep and at other times to read a few chapter. I have four brief cases and in each one I have a book that I find time everyday to read. I make it a goal to finish each title, so I work it into my schedule.

Pastor John C. Maxwell;author and leadership expert said, my father had been very strategic in my development as I was growing up, He actually paid me to read books that he knew would help me, Pastor Maxwell added that those book reading experiences provided great foundation for him.

Michael Virardi said “I am an avid reader, which means I am constantly adding to my store or knowledge and I have learned never to make a point without proving it to my audience”. Who is Michael Virardi? Today; he is a Trainer, keynote Speaker and Author (who travels to countries speaking to people and building organizations via capacity development); this is reading and leadership.

Preston Vander ven an online marketing expert stated that “I learn in my career that leaders are readers”. He added “I highly recommend you to create a reading habit for at least 30 minutes a day, read personal development and business related books that will teach you a thought process of being a business owner and being an entrepreneur”.

In the course of reading and we develop leadership traits including vision, attitude, passion, determination, service, discipline etc. These are values that propel one into greatness in life.

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