Written by James Okere

The Webster New World Dictionary defines partnership thus “The condition or relationship of being a partner; that is a person who takes part in something with another or others; especially one of the owners of business who shares in its profits and risks. Any relationship involving more than one person creates a partnership. Hence partnership could be two, five, twelve, sixty or more; the no is limitless, depending the vision pursued.

Partnership in this discuss also connotes a set of persons working or playing in combination by organized division of labour, cooperating with one another to achieve a common purpose.

What creates partnership is the need to achieve a common purpose. Nobody on this planet Earth is an Island. Everybody requires the support of one another to succeed in life. In private or public sectors you require one another. In religious affairs you require the support of others. In politics you require one another. In ownership and management of schools (nursery, primary, secondary, tertiary) you require one and another. In the running of any organization or carrying out any project; you require the cooperation of one another – the Power of Partnership.

The cooperation of all produces team spirit which leads to achieving societal, institutional or organizational goals. Even from the Holy Bible, the Power of Partnership has played very significant roles. God demonstrated the power of partnership when He brought man and woman together via marriage. In addition, Moses worked with Aaron, Jesus Christ worked with the Disciples to achieve a common purpose, in our prayer lives we partner with one another to intercede for our personal and societal needs; a demonstration of power of partnership.

Some factorsthat aid power of partnershipincludes: Shared Vision, Unity of Purpose and Togetherness, Integrity and Trust, Developing Positive Ideas and supporting Spirit and Common provision of services including talents, ideas and resources.


Powers of partnership leads to building/strengthening membership team to enable participating people realize their purpose in life. It leads to more work being achieved for the group. In addition it leads to partners supporting one and another, thereby leading to greater successes in life.

Further advantages of power of partnership are: Pursuit of objectives is easily coordinated by partners, Efficiency is pursued, Productivity is enhanced, Problems are easily shared, Realization of individual goals are easier and provision of sense of belonging to all.

The achievement recorded in the independence of United States of America was a clear product of power of partnership led by John Hancock, Richard Henry Lee, Samuel Adams and Thomas Jefferson who galvanized the other fifth two other persons in this pursuit leading to the signing of the American Freedom Charter on July 4, 1776 in Philadelphia (the engine place of freedom in the whole world).

The Group had no political power, authority, military strength, or money to pursue the independence of America. They only had faith, courage and were decisive to end the ills of colonialism existing, hence changing the course of history.

In their first meeting to confront the task before them, John Hancock and Samuel Adams spoke courageously and built faith amongst the group. They demanded the withdrawal of British troops in the thirteen colonies (present day United States of America). They met oppositions, but remained undaunted and succeeded. Intimidations could not stop their vision. Those oppositions they faced were now history as the partners achieved their goal of securing the American independence.

In addition, the successes recorded by Dr. Ben Carson in the successful surgery of the Siamese twins joined in the head were partnership accomplishments. The Siamese twins surgery was performed by seventy neuron-surgeon medical doctors, this is outside the roles performed by other medical personnel including Nurses; a demonstration of power of partnership by the medical team.


Power of partnership is a propelling force towards accomplishing the objectives of any group or organizations. It combines with greater determination, ideas utilization, visualization tasks and initiatives pooled together by partnership members.

Finally, families are made, communities are made, institutions are made, and countries are made through the Power of Partnership.

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