LEADERSHIP: This would highlight the values that energize the spirit man to work towards achieving success in life.

The Power of Courage; the great virtue of greatness that have lifted men from obscurity to prominence.

Written by James Okere

The Power of Courage; the great virtue of greatness that have lifted men from obscurity to prominence.

Courageous people starts were others have stopped. Courageous men see the end course of their pursuit. They are not perturbed by the obstacles standing on their way to success.

In any leadership position, courageous people are not afraid to fail; rather they believed that such failure would further push them to accomplish a particular task. Courageous men make the difference and create action for history.

Courage as a principle in leadership, is so important that God; the creator of Heaven and Earth so

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The Power of Vision

Written by James Okere

The Power of Vision; the power of vision has transformed men from obscurity to greatness following their visionary accomplishments.

The Holy Bible recorded that my people perish for lack of vision. Put in another way, my people are destroyed for lack of vision. On the other hand, the Webster’s New World Dictionary defines vision thus “The ability to imagine or for see what cannot actually be seen (a leader of great vision).

The power of vision is a driving force towards any success attested to by the people. Not success for mere flowing in money.

Successful men define their vision. They hold on to their vision. In their vision, they create path ways to attaining success in a particular area or profession. Associated with men of vision in pursuit of an accomplishment is the power of foresight.

Men of vision foresee the end result of the venture they are involved

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Walking Towards Greatness

Written by James Okere

...men who decide to achieve success in life takes firm decision and consciously wok their way through.
Greatness connotes success, achievements, reckoning, recognition, prosperous etc. But suffice it to say that Greatness here connotes Godly achievements attested to by the society. Greatness here does not mean flowing in money, but flowing in wealth that guarantees peace, love and imparting humanity and society. In addition, any person desirous of attaining greatness will also in such pursuit face challenges which are surmountable with one’s confidence, courage and faith in God.

There are two clear dimensions of achieving greatness which are intertwined. The SPIRITUAL dimension and the PHYSICAL dimension, you can’t separate the two. They are two coins of the same face.

Your achieving greatness or walking into Greatness takes place here on planet earth. The earth is a creation of God. Your personality is a creation of God.

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Path to Greatness-1

Written by James Okere

PATHWAY TO GREATNESS (1); that some achieve great success is a proof to all that others could achieve it as well with determination.

Greater majority of people complain of the adverse conditions of their environment, hence the maxim, we exist in a very hostile environment. This negative view runs down their spiritual and physical nerves, thus beclouding their potentials to greater accomplishments.

World over, it is evident that historically, no nation or human race has ever witnessed continuous friendly environment without drawbacks. But suffice it to say that the few nations or persons that succeeded are those who made self-discoveries and marrying same with determination in spite of the prevalent circumstances of their time to attain greatness, hence the saying “The heights reached and kept by the great were not attained by a sudden flight, but they while their companions slept were struggling in the night”.

What we know today

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Path to Greatness-2

Written by James Okere

PATH TO GREATNESS (2); persistent hard work with right focus is a sure way towards attaining greater height.

In addition to the above, the pathway to greatness is also powered by the ‘Doing Concepts’ for therein lies the dynamic force for achievements:

    -    Power Yourself Into Action
    -    Determination Is the Key To Success
    -    Manifest Yourself

You must decide to achieve greatness. Nobody will do it for you. But when you begin, help must come from God, and other human beings. The will power lies in you. You must therefore create the energy to do it. You must see disabilities as handicaps that must be re-ordered with the individual thought process.

Determination is a great weapon. No successful task is ever stopped half way, it must be concluded with doggedness. Begin an action, be determined you must succeed.

Charles Allen Ward born

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