LEADERSHIP: This would highlight the values that energize the spirit man to work towards achieving success in life.


Written by James Okere

The Webster New World Dictionary defines partnership thus “The condition or relationship of being a partner; that is a person who takes part in something with another or others; especially one of the owners of business who shares in its profits and risks. Any relationship involving more than one person creates a partnership. Hence partnership could be two, five, twelve, sixty or more; the no is limitless, depending the vision pursued.

Partnership in this discuss also connotes a set of persons working or playing in combination by organized division of labour, cooperating with one another to achieve a common



Written by James Okere

Many are abound with various dreams to achieve in life as to advance personal and societal recognitions. But surprisingly most of these dreams hardly come to reality. These visions conceived would at the end in most cases vanish into thin air or buried underground. Recall the saying that many good ideas are buried beneath the ground.

These ideas buried or not developed exist amongst us. The import of the above is that these ideas and visions are held by living people. Men and women carry ideas and visions that are not brought to live through action. Youths also have ideas that are not developed.

These ideas if developed could have brought some succor in our individual lives and society. The need to bring ideas into practice led to the development of ‘The Five Doing Concepts’. The Doing Concepts as being developed is to encourage the activity aspect in the life



Written by James Okere

Dr. Myles Munroe a well known pastor, author and public speaker said “Anyone who develops his gifts will become a community”.

Talents are one’s potentials deposited within a person. Talents are brain power for life accomplishments. They are gift from God. They are potentials that need to be identified by one. One need to think deep to become aware of these potentials endowed in him/her. In some cases through divine power one discovers these talents within him or her. In some others, a person is aided to discover the potentials deposited in him via mentorship. Talents are built around one’s vision of life.

Speaking on talents, a Nigerian entrepreneur; Hakeem Belo-Osagie said “I think that one thing that makes you happy and successful is to know that your operating at the peak of your abilities”. Talents vary from one individual and another. Some people could have talents in leadership, sports,



Written by James Okere

Presently, the world is yielding for leaders; these men and women who would develop themselves and work towards changing the society for the better. These leaders are men and women who would not allow their talents to be wasted. Rather they work tenaciously towards putting their gifts to work.

Leaders are born is common saying, however, the most important is that leadership can be developed. In the words of Pastor John C. Maxwell, leadership is a process; which is learnt from one level to another.

Leadership activities exist in all facets of the society. Outside governmental level, leadership also exists in both public and private institutions. Leadership exists at the Church, community and kindred levels as well. Leadership also manifest at social institutions.

As we speak about leadership, the world is yielding towards transformational leadership, which carries with it the vision and drives of accomplishments in the society. In addition


Global Leadership challenge

Written by James Okere

Global Leadership challenge; Global poverty has become a worrisome issue in the world especially in developing countries, hence the need to end same as to save humanity. How to end global poverty is a challenge faced by visionary and purpose driven leadership.

Visionary and determined leaders can approach some of the suggestions listed below:

  1.  Transformational Leadership should be pursued. Transformational Leadership carries with it the vision and drive towards accomplishments. Institutional frame works should be designed on how to achieve transformational leadership that would impact the lives of the people, thereby creating environment for investors.
  2.  The Tripod issue of Rule of Law, Accountability and Transparency must become a global matter to be embraced by all nations and institutions. If the above three issues are visible and acceptable, it would reduce corruptions highly, makes available investable funds and attract necessary capital for socio-economic development of any society, thus creating

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The Power of Courage; the great virtue of greatness that have lifted men from obscurity to prominence.

Written by James Okere

The Power of Courage; the great virtue of greatness that have lifted men from obscurity to prominence.

Courageous people starts were others have stopped. Courageous men see the end course of their pursuit. They are not perturbed by the obstacles standing on their way to success.

In any leadership position, courageous people are not afraid to fail; rather they believed that such failure would further push them to accomplish a particular task. Courageous men make the difference and create action for history.

Courage as a principle in leadership, is so important that God; the creator of Heaven and Earth so much recognized same. At the death of Moses (the leader of the Israelite), God knew the challenges before his successor-Joshua; and from the beginning, He charged Joshua to continuously remain courageous to face the challenges ahead.

Joshua indeed imbibed the courageous principle, pursued the tasks ahead of him surmounting all

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