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Build Your Career Based On Talent- Okere.

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Created on Friday, 01 September 2017
Written by James Okere

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Build Your Career Based On Talent- Okere.

The Project Coordinator of Inspire Foundation (IF) Mr. James Okere has called on the youth to build their career, vocation and profession based on their individual talents. Okere who is the author of the motivational and Inspiration books –“You Too Can Be Great” and “Developing Yourself” made the call while speaking to the youth of St. Luke’s Anglican Church Akwukuma, Owerri Imo State. The Inspirational Blogger who spoke on the theme “Career and Entrepreneurship” opined that all over the world those who have succeeded are men and women who aligned their career in line with their gifts and potentials in life. He further added that both career and entrepreneurship are two coins with the same face and added that both are complimentary.

The author therefore advised the youth to think deep on the gifts Heaven made available to them. Okere further highlighted some factors that aid career development amongst which are talent development, vision/dream, reading/education, inspiring seminars, mentorship etc.

In addition, he further stated that individual skills would be of tremendous help towards their making a successful career in life. He spoke against imitating anybody, towards building a career but advised strongly in favour of the youth aligning with a mentor, who would help them align with their gifts and potentials as to achieve their lives purpose on this planet earth.

Concluding, the public speaker advised the youth to align themselves with the views of Miss Comfort Timothy Olanike (from Lagos); a physically challenge person who uses wheel chair and involved in cloth making who opined that “Youth whether able or disabled, should strive to discover their talents and start up something no matter how small. Disability should not stop any one being an entrepreneur”.  


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Created on Monday, 14 August 2017
Written by James Okere

An author, inspirational blogger and public speaker, Mr. James Okere has called on the world youth to be in the vanguard of promoting peace amongst all. The author and Project Coordinator of Inspire Foundation (IF) made the call while interacting with some journalists as part of celebrating the 2017 International Youth Day on 12th of August.

The author of the book, “You Too Can Be Great” and “Developing Yourself” amongst others added that each year’s International Youth Day goes with a particular theme. For this year 2017 the theme is “Youth Building Peace”. The theme of the year’s celebration he said is to recognize the importance of youth efforts in ensuring that peace is achieved in the world which would aid in achieving sustainable development of The 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda. He further noted that the theme is practical and forward thinking and geared towards sustainable human development for a better society.

Okere maintained that the world is interested in the lives of these young ones. Countries are interested that they raise admired and unique youth. The youth are the future leaders of any community or country. Thus their values and orientations are important in world discuss.

It is in view of the above that it therefore becomes paramount to have a mobilized and empowered youth. Empowered youth are positive minded persons. They are youth that have developed vision. They are youth that have discovered their purpose of life and can persevere in a particular line of action. They are youth that are enlightened. They are youth who have aligned themselves with mentors that have aided their lives development.

The Social Entrepreneur also commended the United Nations for this 2017 International Youth Day theme “Youth Building Peace” which is indeed apt in view of the human and societal conflicts that is prevalent. The world at peace via the youth contributions is indeed sort for. We need peace between one and another. We need peace between one community and another. We also need peace amongst nations.

Okere therefore encourage all to celebrate with the world youth as they strive to become agent of world peace. Let us join in the vanguard of advocating for peace at whatever level we find ourselves. Let this year’s theme give all a re-think to embrace peaceful resolution of all disputes, he further opined.

At the global level he said, for the world to think of ending extreme poverty by 2030, there is need for total pursuit of global peace in the world. To this end, all continents and regions of the world including our local communities must mobilize her youth to pursue peace in the entire world.

If peace is pursued strongly, then resources would be available to develop infrastructures of countries thereby creating employment. He counseled leaders at whatever level not to give room to tolerate any issue that would threaten world peace and development. In deed citizens have right to peace and by so doing the world would become a better place, he said.

Congratulations to our youth for being agent of peace advocate at whatever level they found ourselves.


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Created on Thursday, 13 July 2017
Written by James Okere

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Mr. James Okere, an author, youth advocate and social entrepreneur has lent his support to the proposed bill on reading before the Imo State House of Assembly. The Bill titled: Reading and Preservation of Books Published in Imo State is being sponsored by Hon. Victor Onyewuchi; member representing Owerri West State Constituency. The bill which is presently in its committee stage is highly commendable. Okere who is an author and inspirational blogger who made his views known in a release opined that the bill when passed into law will indeed promote reading culture amongst all especially the youths who are future leaders in our country.

Okere who noted that the importance of reading cannot be over emphasized as reading serves as an instrument in promoting and advancing society’s values. He further opined that many people have risen to greatness because they embraced reading especially quality books.

The opinion molder who is also a motivational speaker said this bill has gone a long way to justify his calls for quite some time on the need to promoting literacy and reading culture via book donation project; which he has been championing. He added that through his writings he has severally written and published issues on reading to sensitize the people; amongst his writings include: Reading as a Mentoring Tool, The Role of Reading in Human and Societal Development, The Power of Reading, Road to 2030: Eradicating Poverty and Achieving Sustainable Development Through Reading, 2016 Literacy Day-Sustaining Literacy Development Through Reading, Inspire The Youths with Gift of a Book, Power of Reading in Self Development, Readers Are Leaders etc

All the above topics are available in his website, and are published in the press accordingly.

The author of the leadership, self help and motivational book titled- “You Too Can Be Great”, which is available as eBook and in hard cover while commending Hon. Victor Onyewuchi and Imo State House of Assembly appealed to the house members to subject the bill to public hearing to enable sensitize the people and also to allow the public make further in puts.

2017 International Youth Day; Lets us Mobilize the Youth

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Created on Saturday, 15 July 2017
Written by James Okere

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A Social Entrepreneurial & Project Coordinator of Inspire Foundation (IF), Mr. James Okere has called on all to mobilize the youth as the world gets set to celebrate the 2017 International Youth Day on 12th August, 2017. Okere who is a political scientist, inspirational blogger and author made the call in a release he made available.

The Youth Development Advocate stated that it is high time individuals, groups, institutions and government (at all levels) played key roles to adequately sensitize the youth on the core objectives of International Youth Day. He opined that adequate mobilization and sensitization of the youth is a sure way to enable them participates effectively on programmes geared towards building the world as a better place for all.

He stated that this year’s (2017) theme – “Youth Building Peace” is apt in view of the unstable character of the world youth today. He further opined that the issue of world peace is not to be left for government alone but stated that; it is everybody’s responsibility, the youth inclusive. He added that The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development of the United Nations is committed to fostering peaceful and inclusive societies.

Peace amongst the youth will promote self discovery, socio- economic development of any community, and nations at large leading to world peace and human capacity development.

Okere who is the author of the book – “You Too Can Be Great”, therefore enjoin the political class, groups, foundations, institutions (including higher institutions), ministries of youth affairs, religious bodies and other organizations to adequately plan and organize programs for the youth to adequately mobilize them on the need to embrace and champion peace at all times accordingly,

Discover and Develop yourselves as students

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Created on Wednesday, 05 July 2017
Written by James Okere


A one day mentorship and inspiring life transforming seminar with the theme " Building The Student For The Future", has ended at the Hezekiah University,Umudi Nkwerre LGA of Imo State..

In a paper he presented on the occasion,a Social Entrepreneur and the Project Co- ordinator,Inspire Foundation (IF), Mr James Ngozi Okere outlined some of the ways students can build their future to include inclining to God, having a strong moral life , reading of inspiring books, being positive as well as one believing in self.

Other ways are having vision, developing ones talent, having a mentor,developing time management attitude, attending seminars and conferences as well as searching for knowledge and being prompt in taking actions.

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