Programmes and Activities

1. Donate Book/Reading Project: This is geared towards mentoring and intellectual empowerments vide identified books. We have started this Donate Book /Reading Project with the book titled “You Too Can Be Great (Core Value Self Re- Orientation)”, authored by James Okere. Other books would be added as we get more sponsors.


Inspire Foundation is encouraged in this project by individuals and organizations including Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) that described the Book  in her letter Ref: No. DFD/DIR/GEN/MSME/02/021 dated 4th April, 2012 thus “Your initiative to write a book on “You Too Can Be Great” is laudable. The book is rich in mentoring for the teeming youths who constituted the bulk of potential entrepreneurs”.


Dr. Ben Carson; a world acclaimed Neurologist and an international role model for many youths today admitted that his success story became possible largely because he was encouraged to read books in order to learn and develop his mind.

“Reading makes a man”. (Francis Bacon, the French great author)

“The things I want to know are in the books… thus my best friend is the man who will give me books I have not read”. (Abraham Lincoln; former President of U.S.A.)

The essence of the Donate Book /Reading Project is to use same to impact the recipients live thereby building them up for positive impacts in the society thereby reducing poverty in the land.


Creating positive mind set

Leadership & management principles

 Entrepreneurial spirits

 Intellectual capacity development etc.



The Donate Book Project is being supported by individuals and organizations.  In this project, individuals and organizations buy copies/ sponsor (by given grant) for production of copies of the book which   are handed over to them for distribution to beneficiaries- Youths, Students, Tertiary Institutions, Libraries, Youth Organizations etc to read thereby promoting reading culture as a way to start the process of ending Poverty amongst the people. Or on the Sponsors mandate, directs Inspire Foundation to handle the distribution on their behalf. By this, the donors play very important role model in inculcating positive values on the recipients vide reading.

 This programme is gradually gaining recognition as more people are eager to have copies of the book hence our striving to secure more sponsors for the donate book /reading project which is geared towards motivating and inspiring our youths towards inculcating positive values that would impact on the society. 

I therefore take pleasure to invite you to support this Donate Book Project via grant sponsorship to produce and distribute copies of the book. Or as an individual or organization you can buy copies for distribution to our youths.
Cost of one Book #600.00, or $5.00 excluding cost of postage.

2. Inspire For Greatness Life Changing Series (IFGLCS): The essence of IFGLCS is to achieve Human Capacity Development (HCD) in the areas of Mentorship, Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Self Enhancement Development values. IFGLCS are carried out in form of seminar, workshop, conference events etc. IFGLCS is carried out via Sponsorship from individuals and organizations.

The Inspire For Greatness Life Changing Series will be carried out at the following levels:

Primary School (for teenagers), the event is tagged “Catch Them Young Series”.

Secondary School: the event is tagged “Rising Stars”.

Tertiary School Level; the event is tagged “Raising Future Leaders”.

Graduate/ Entrepreneurial Youths; the event is tagged “Empowering for Greatness”.

Women Are Great Series: the event will be targeted to inspire our women folks towards remarkable achievements in life.


3. Leadership Development Programme (LDP): Inspire Foundation would carry out leadership training programme via seminar, workshop and conference that would strengthen democratic governance and enhance peace and security on the citizens thereby promoting good governance. LDP is carried out via Sponsorship from individuals and organizations.

4. Campaign against anti-social vices: Inspire Foundation would carry out campaign against anti-social vices like HIV, Drug Abuse, Child Abuse etc. This project is carried out via Sponsorship from individuals and organizations.

5. Introducing Intellectual Website Development: 
As a Social Entrepreneur and Project Coordinator of Inspire Foundation (IF), I have championed and developed an intellectual social services website named the website promotes issues on entrepreneurship, mentorship, leadership, personality values aimed at inculcating positive values thereby developing the people. It is a website that empowers and mentors our people especially the youths to a great extent. 

Presently, IF is sharing the website with individuals, youth organizations and other institutions who would want to create positive impact in the society. The website is updated on accordingly. The website project is supported via donations and advertisement placement by individuals and organizations.

6. The Academia: Publications on various issues bordering on mentorship, entrepreneurship, personality and leadership values would be undertaken to develop the intellect of people for societal development. This project is carried out via Sponsorship from individuals and organizations.

7. Reach Out Programme (ROP): This is a programme geared reaching the needy as to promote enterprise and self enhancement. Inspire Foundation would source for supports towards providing scholarships, computers, lap tops, sowing machines, motor-cycles, grinding machines, hair driers and hand dries, barbing kits etc. This project is carried out via Sponsorship from individuals and organizations.

8. Skill Acquisition Development Programme (SADP): This programme is meant to inculcate or develop entrepreneurial skills acquisition amongst the people. The skill acquisition programmes would cover Tailoring, ICT development, Marketing, Agriculture etc. The programme is supported through sponsorship from individuals and organizations.