Inspire Foundation


INSPIRE FOUNDATION (IF) is a Non-Governmental Organization that engages in self Enhancement and Advocacy in these areas: Mentorship, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Self and Community Development values aimed at developing the people-men, women and youths for self realization and advancement for a better society.

VISION:       To become leading institutiontowards positive transformation of our society.

MISSION:    To raise the consciousness of our people through a united effort on the need to become part of societal change and growth.


1.To sensitize including intellectual development and publications on issues bordering on mentorship, entrepreneurship, leadership and personality development.

2.To initiate self enhancement programmes for all people (adults and youths) including entrepreneurial empowerment.

3.To initiate programmes for primary pupils as well as tertiary and secondary school students that would enhance their personal development.

4.To serve as a foundation to offer assistance to indigent students as to enhance their capacity growth or development.

5.To serve as an institution to sensitize the people on community development services including election, health, capacity building and environmental issues.

6.To serve as an institution for developmental programmes against poverty, anti-societal issues like AIDS and HIV campaigns etc.

7.To supervise/monitor governmental programmes geared towards enhancing self development of the people.

8.To form link and work with other organizations/groups that champion similar interest.

9.To carry out public opinion on governmental programmes geared towards self enhancement and development.

    10.To provide a forum for the people to air their views on all aspect of governmental self enhancement programmes.

    11.To make our feelings and views on programmes known.



ARTICLE I              -           NAME



The purpose of Inspire Foundation (IF) is to play active role inculcating on the people self enhancing values bordering on mentorship, entrepreneurship, self and community development.

The goals of Inspire Foundation (IF) are:

1.To promote educational advancement on issues bordering on mentorship, entrepreneurship, leadership, personality development and to evaluate and identify the issues that hinder self enhancement development of the people.

2.To undertake consultancy and advocacy assignments.

3.To train vide seminar, workshop, sensitization etc the people on issues involved on self and community development programmes.

4.To embark on community development services including election, health, capacity building and environmental issues.

5.To supervise and monitor the implementation of self enhancement programme ensuring adherence to recommended practice.

6.To partner with local, national and international agencies on issues of self enhancement or development.

7.To embark on promotion of grass-root sensitization of our students/youths.

8.To partner with institutions, agencies or group in the promotion of self enhancement programmes for women.

9.To check the theft/diversion of any self enhancement inputs, materials, equipment etc supplied by donor agencies.

    10.To undertake the distribution of self enhancement/development grants and inputs.

   11.To carry out research directly or jointly on issues bordering on self enhancement programmes.

Management Team:

  • James Okere, Bsc., MNIM, Social Entrepreneur & Project Coordinator, Inspire Foundation

  • Nnamdi Ogwazu, Bsc., Secretary

  •  V. C. Alabekee, Ph.D, Executive Director (Resources)

  • Okey Akham, Bsc., PGD, Accountant 

  • Kelechi Okereke, Executive Director (Projects) 
  • Onwuatuogu Odinakachukwu (OND) Computer Sc. Head of Operations