Written by James Okere

The Holy Bible recorded that iron sharpens iron. The above illustrates that there are more powers when works or endavous are collectively pursued. Therefore, team building is not only a matter witnessed in sports events, but it is an encompassing phenomena for mankind to utilize towards personal and group successes for the betterment of society.

Team work connotes a set of persons working or playing in combination by organized division of labour, cooperating with one another to achieve a common purpose.

Team building is created on the need to achieve a common purpose. Nobody on this planet Earth is an Island. Everybody requires the support of one another to succeed in life; be it in private or public sector. In the running of any organization or carrying out any project; you require the cooperation of one another – the power of team work.

The book-Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill was a team work; a product of an exchange of an idea between Andrew Carnegie and Napoleon Hill. Napoleon Hill admitted that Andrew Carnegie; the canny loveable old Scotsman carelessly tossed it into his mind when he was a boy. When he discovered that Napoleon Hill caught the idea, he asked if he would be willing to spend twenty years or more, preparing himself to take it to the world, to men, women who without the secret, might go through life a failures; this is the genesis of the book-Think and Grow Rich, which has changed the future of millions of people all over the world.

Napoleon Hill spent close to twenty (25) years researching and analyzing twenty five thousand (25,000) people on how they succeeded in life. The product of this research started via Andrew Carnegie idea and the efforts of others led to the publication of the book- Think and Grow Rich.

These four men-John Hancock, Richard Henry Lee, Samuel Adams and Thomas Jefferson through combined efforts provided inspirational leadership that led to the formation a team of Group Minds comprising fifty-six men who signed the American Freedom Charter on July 4, 1776 in Philadelphia (the engine place of freedom in the whole world).

The team had no political power, authority, military strength, or money to pursue the independence of America. They only had faith, courage and were decisive to end the ills of colonialism existing, hence changing the course of history. Collectively, the four men cemented their minds together for this onerous task.

The speech of team members-Samuel Adams and Richard Henry influenced their mind, and the group reached a decision which led to American independence.

The publication of my four inspirational books came as a result of team work. On 13th September 2016, I received a message from Book Africana informing me that they have followed my contributions in the Book Africana face book and went further to advise me to put my inputs and submissions together into an e-book.

On 14th September 2016, I replied Book Africana that in line with their advice, I will be publishing for free with them in the meantime but my publication would be available for purchase at the market place later.

Between 14th and 19th September 2016, with the help of my write ups in my website blog,, I got my works ready. The e-book is titled “Developing Yourself”; which is a self-developing e-book.

On 20th September 2016, I got my website online assistant team- Mr. Odinaka Onwuatuegwu to produce a design cover, which he did accordingly. The same day, we e-mailed to Book Africana- manuscript of the e-book, brief on the e-book, my passport and other relevant information requested.

Due to reasons beyond any explanation, the publication of this e-book by Book Africana did not see the light of the day. This initial dream of publishing via Book Africana was therefore aborted.

Within this period (though I have not developed core interest in eBook publication), Somehow later in 2016, I read in the internet brief about eBook publication and got myself convinced that my book “You Too Can Be Great”, published in Nigeria could be published as eBook as well. This became paramount because the book with review already published in my website,  and other social media have generated interest amongst Nigerians and foreigners who have asked on how the book could be purchased online. In addition, the drive was also supported by those who have followed my blogging activities and social media contributions and have encouraged the views I advocated in areas of building self-development values amongst the people, men, women and youths.

Having developed this drive to have my eBook published, I e-mailed my website developer (Ajewole Ayotokunbo) on Monday 2nd January, 2017 informing him of my desire to publish online my book- You Too Can Be Great.

On 3rd January 2017, Ajewole accepted to upload the book and tidy up all other technical issues provided I would handle the formatting of the eBook in line with publisher which we selected.

I reached my website online assistant (Odinaka Onwuatuogu; now my online publishing team member). I discussed with Odinaka and told him my plans and subsequent discussions with Ajewole. For three days; 4th, 5th and 6th January, 2017, we read through publishing guidelines received from Ajewole and worked and concluded on the formatting of the eBook guidelines, which we sent to Ajewole  on Friday, 6th January, 2017 for uploading accordingly.

Ajewole worked on our submission to him and after some further inputs from both sides, on 12th January, 2017, I got e-mail from informing me that I have successfully published my eBook via;,

The same team above worked assiduously towards the publication of my other three e-book; Developing Yourself, How To Excel In Life and Building Success In Life.

Succeeding through team work is real and some factors that aid team work to achieve its purpose includes: shared vision, unity of purpose and togetherness, integrity and trust. Others are developing positive ideas and supporting spirit and common provision of services including talents, ideas and resources.

Author’s Spotlight-James Okere is an author, social entrepreneur, inspirational blogger and public speaker. He has published four inspirational and value driven books with Lulu publishers. Please visit his authors spotlight book page,

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