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THE MAKING OF MY 1ST, 2ND, 3RD & 4TH E-BOOKS. On 13th August 2016, I joined the “Book Africana” face book as to further continue my social media works in line with the core area of Inspire Foundation (IF); advancing life values towards human and societal development.

On 13th September 2016, I received a message from Book Africana informing me that they have followed my contributions in the Book Africana face book and went further to advice me to put my inputs and submissions together into an e-book.

Having defined my purpose of life in the area of inspiring humanity for purpose discovery, I embraced the opportunity that came my way through Book Africana.

On 14th September 2016, I replied Book Africana that in line with their advice, I will be publishing for free with them in the meantime but my publication would be available for purchase at the market place when Book Africana.

Between 14th and 19th September 2016, with the help of my write ups in my website blog, I got my works ready. The e-book is titled “Developing Yourself”; which is a self developing e-book.

On 20th September 2016, I got my website online assistant- Mr. Odinaka Onwuatuegwu to produce a design cover, which he did accordingly. The same day, we e-mailed to Book Africana- manuscript of the e-book, brief on the e-book, my passport and other relevant information requested.

Due to reasons beyond any explanation, the publication of this e-book by Book Africana did not see the light of the day. This initial dream was therefore aborted.

I recall that since year 2015, I started making contacts on how my book- You Too Can Be Great (Core Value Self Re-Orientation) could be published by a foreign traditional publisher (the idea of e-book publication was not in my agenda then). Contacts I made did not yield any positive result, rather a publisher, commented and informed me that my manuscript did not currently fit their requirements. I was not deterred but made further contacts. Another traditional publisher showed interest, however her conditions were not clear to me.

Within this period (though I have not developed core interest in eBook publication), Some how later in 2016, I read in the internet brief about eBook publication and got myself convinced that my book “You Too Can Be Great”, published in Nigeria could be published as eBook as well. This became paramount because the book with review already published in my website, and other social media have generated interest amongst Nigerians and foreigners who have asked on how the book could be purchased online. In addition, the drive was also supported by those who have followed my blogging activities and social media contributions and have encouraged the views I advocated in areas of building self development values amongst the people, men, women and youths.

Therefore, the initial encouragement from Book Africana and my latest readings about ebook all spurred me with the conviction towards e-book publications.

Having developed this drive to have my eBook published, I e-mailed my website developer (Ajewole Ayotokunbo) on Monday 2nd January, 2017 informing him of my desire to publish my book- You Too Can Be Great, online via eBook. Ajewole is reach with the intricacies of computer and internet works for persons and organizations.

On 3rd January 2017, Ajewole accepted to upload the book and tidy up all other technical issues provided I would handle the formatting of the eBook in line with publisher which we selected.

I reached my website online assistant (Odinaka Onwuatuogu ; now my online publishing assistant and an upcoming website developer). The coming of Odinaka into my life in June 2015 was miraculous; a great divine arrangement. Odinaka has been supportive of some development in my website since we met. He has great interest in computer and internet services.

I discussed with Odinaka and told him my plans and subsequent discussions with Ajewole. For three days; 4th, 5th and 6th January, 2017 (this being part of my year 2017 goals), we read through publishing guidelines received from Ajewole and worked and concluded on the formatting of the eBook guidelines, which we sent to Ajewole on Friday, 6th January, 2017 for uploading accordingly.

Ajewole worked on our submission to him and by Monday 9th January 2017, I got his e-mail informing me the areas publishers would want us to do further work on the formatting. With Odinaka, we went into work on Wednesday 11th January, 2017 and finally forwarded the reformatted eBook work to my website developer same day. Before this time; on 9th January, 2017, I received an e-mail from amongst which included that my work has been assigned ISBN No. This mail, I read on 10th January, 2017 gladdened my heart as addressed me as “Dear Lulu Author”. On this day, I remained grateful to God, further remained hopeful and positive; this would become a reality.

On Thursday, 12th January, 2017, Ajewole called me asked some questions and after our interactions, he informed me that has accepted to publish my e-Book. At this point my heart was filled with joy. An hour before his call, I nearly had a motor accident which would at least got me admitted in the hospital, but was saved by the grace of God. About 4.30 pm same day; 12th January, 2017, I received an e-mail from my website developer, congratulating and informing me that my eBook would soon be available for purchase in the following sites: Lulu Bookstore, Apple iBookstore and Barnes & Noble NOOK.,

In the evening of same day (12th January, 2017), I got e-mail from informing me that I have successfully published my eBook; You Too Can Be Great, and that the eBook is passing through the retail distribution details including the quality assurance review before the eBook is finally made ready for sale. I briefed my family on the event of 12th January, 2017, and we all thanked God for His mercies. Later in the evening, I called Odinaka, briefed him and congratulated him accordingly. I also sent an e-mail to Ajewole and congratulated him on this development. My first eBook with Lulu ,,

Having been spurred to write my first e-book. I now took courage to write my second e-book which is tiled-Developing Yourself (2017). Developing Your-Self is a life changing book geared towards helping one realize himself. The book will enable somebody recognize his potentials and work towards developing same accordingly. My eBook published by Lulu,

My 3rd e-book is titled: How To Excel In Life (2017). How to Excel in Life is another motivational book with the aim to build the readers with values to come to terms with the purpose and plan of God. The book opined that one is created with divine creative powers to excel in life, and to advance mankind and society. The book is a challenging and wakeup calls

for all to demonstrate his inner being towards purpose discovery in life. The e-book is published via

In addition, the zeal continued leading to the publication of my 4th e-book which is titled-

Building Success In Life (2018). Building Success In Life; is a value lifting book, challenging one to demonstrate great commitment in his or her chosen career or profession. The book is published via

In all these publications, I worked with a team; my humble self, Odinaka and Ajewole. And to the Glory of God, my website, in the areas of leadership, mentorship, personality, inspiration was instrumental and played very pivotal role in this regard.

These e-books are also accessible with the author Spotlight book page-

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