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An impact person works towards building a success story line. The person influences people towards success without coercion or force. By their method they drive people to achieve a common purpose. Impact person creates a platform for team work or spirit towards accomplishing task(s).

Impact person is a loving, caring, admired and respected person. He is a sincere person. An impact person is positively discussed and studied as to use his core values of life to advance society. He fears God, is valuable, committed to a cause, highly sacrificial and demonstrates initiatives.

God who created man in his own image from creation demonstrated His impact nature in the lives of the people when He amongst others created the sun, moon, rainfall, air, river, sand, trees etc. Thus, anybody becoming an impact person should radiate the glory of God on this planet earth. In the words of Dr. Myles Munroe, he opined that “When we exercise our creativity we are displaying the God like attributes and nature He placed in us”.

As creators of God, who are desirous of building success story, we are to manifest positive life style leading to positive thinking, thereby living a peaceful life. In addition, an impact person should conquer his world through his activities. The person must put his ideas, skills, talents and abilities into action towards building a successful life. Also an impact leader should be diligent in his works/ services as to dominate his environment.    

William Wilberforce as a Christian entered into the British Parliament at 21 years after a Cambridge education. Wilberforce developed love and concern for others and subsequently set his affection upon a cause that would affect the destinies of millions of people all over the world. He initiated and championed the formation of a law to abolish slave trade. For 46 years he fought this battle and won. The whole world was made a better place and the entire society and man was given a better code conduct as a result of his campaign and victory. What an impact life William Wilberforce lived towards building a successful life style.

Dr. Oswald Smithbuilt his success life throughout the entire globe with evangelism; winning souls for Christ. His popular motto includes “The supreme task of the church is the evangelization of the world”. He travelled wide to preach including Jamaica, New Zealand, Russia, Great Britain and many European countries. He won many souls and once it was said he fainted while preaching the gospel. Even when suffering from attacks of malaria he preached the gospel as well. Dr. Oswald preached in more than sixty-six countries. Even with that outing he was quoted to have said “I am not satisfied”. Today his accomplishments have challenged many in this respect; what an impact success living.

In addition, Martin Jr. Luther King lived on this planet for 39 years and within this period he lived a success life. The time he was born was when there were segregation and chains of discrimination in the United States of America. He was disturbed by the discrimination suffered by blacks, he then took the cause to champion the end through his group he formed Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) and civil rights movement to end racial segregation in America. Through his efforts, he saw to the signing of civil rights bill in 1964 and voting rights Act in 1965 which gave leverage to blacks and subsequently banned discrimination in public accommodation, employment and labour unions. With a life of success he developed; he built great many around his vision to fight against discrimination and ills in the society. Martin Luther king is still being made a reference point till date; a mark of success life.  

Chinedu Nsofor, a Nigerian graduated from the University of Nigeria, Enugu State Eastern Nigeria. He is 28 years as at year 2018. Chinedu Nsofor set his vision to live a successful life and thus identified his goals to pursue as to impact life in his environment. While at the University he developed his dream project- WORK WHILE IN SCHOOL; a programme designed to encourage our undergraduate to start early to think on their future plan of life. As at present, he has secured partnership with some organizations. His idea has started creating impact in the Nigerian Society.

Living a life of impact is a worthy cause to be pursued by all as to advance one’s personality and humanity.

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