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: Biographies of people and their works have shaped my humble self. These works of men and women have also aided in building me up. Today, my being an author, public speaker, inspirational blogger and Lead Consultant of Inspire Foundation(IF) Leadership and Mentorship Academy are greatly attributable to thoughts of people; I have read and internalized, hence my humble contribution via My Inspirational Thoughts 1.

“Successful men who dared to conquer, defined their vision and also hold on to their vision. In their vision, they create pathways to attaining success in a particular area or profession”.

-      On “Vision”, in my book, “You Too Can Be Great”, published by lulu publishers,

“In life pursuits, courageous people are not afraid to fail; rather they believe that such failure would further push them to accomplish a particular task. Courageous men make the difference and create action for history to record”.

-      On “Courage”, in my book, “You Too Can Be Great”, published by lulu publishers,

“That some achieve great success is a proof that others could achieve it as well with determination” Pathway to greatness I

-      On “Pathway to Greatness I”.

“World achievers lived a hopeful life coupled with great determination”.

-      On “Hope: a Driving Force in Human Existence”.

“Reading gives us insight on various issues, thus helping one generate ideas on various issues as well. Most great people who have achieved great successes attested to by the people and society are men who developed time towards reading great book including books on successful men”.

-      On “Role of Reading in Human and Societal Development”.

“Those who achieve are active, they make move and with such boldness attract success in due time”.

-      On “Greatness is in your Hand”, in my book, “How to Excel in Life”, published by lulu publishers,

“Nothing succeeds than being oneself”.

-      On “Manifest Yourself”, “How to Excel in Life”, published by lulu publishers,

“Great achievers were ruled by imaginations they were not afraid to make mistakes or to be corrected. They had great desire and courage with corresponding motivating forces. They were aware that except one is focused and firm he attracts no positive attention”.

-      On “The Character of Men Who Dared and Conquered”.

“Talent discovery and development places one as a celebrated personality”.

-      On “How One Can Be Celebrated”.

“People with ability to finish a task or staying powers are courageous and champions. When their efforts are not yielding, they continue to strive believing that there is time for everything”.

-      On “Developing Staying Power”.

The process of developing oneself is built around obstacles, unfriendly environment, trials, failures and errors. But in individual boldness, self-will, dogged determination, perseverance and organized planning lies the values of self development”.

-      On “Core Issues in Developing Yourself”, in my book, “Developing Yourself”, published by lulu publishers,

“It is at the period of difficult or challenging situation that one develop great abilities. These abilities include talents, gifts and skills which lead to great accomplishments in life”

-      On “Challenges Makes One a Champion”.

“Reading books including biographies of men and women, leadership and inspiring books have been established as a sure way to mentor the youth”.

“Men who conquer must persevere and remain persistent to their vision”.

-      On “Perseverance”, in my book, “You Too Can Be Great”, published by lulu publishers,

-      On “How Entrepreneurship Abilities Manifest in the Youth”.

“A person who dominates his environment has taken pain and made sacrifices to become somebody. The person who dominates his nvironment has taking time to develop his potentials, skills, talents etc. Talent development is one sure way to dominate one’s environment”.

-      On “You can Dominate Your Environment”.

“In spite of difficulties and challenges we face. It is important that in our individual lives, we should employ this power of little beginning. All great things are achieved through vision, patience and hard work. In addition, the power of humble beginning requires staying power”.

-      On “The Power of Little Beginning”.

“The Person who conquers, can do it with or without formal education but it requires individual drives and positive mind set internalized by the individual in his chosen profession, thus creating value in the society”.

-      On “Keys To Greatness”, in my book, “You Too Can Be Great”, published by lulu publishers,

The person eager to succeed in life develops great trust in Supreme God and develops great interest in fervent prayers to discover talents and skills endowed with”.

-      On “Keys To Greatness”, in my book, “You Too Can Be Great”, published by lulu publishers,

“If we persevere in developing our potentials we must surely succeed”.

-      On Success in Self Development, in my book, “Developing Yourself”, published by lulu publishers,

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