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A unique youth is an accomplished youth. A unique youth is a successful youth. A unique youth is a knowledgeable person. A unique youth is a celebrated person. A unique youth is a mentored youth. He is a disciplined, determined, respected and a humble person with a clear vision of life.

Becoming a unique youth is a major concern all over the world. It is a concern because the youth are future leaders in any nation. The youth are expected to take over from the older generations of persons. The qualified group of the youth expected to do so are the unique youths; unique in the sense that they are special people who are positive minded. They are the youth imbued with right values of life-honesty, humility, obedience, sincerity etc.

Unique youth have nothing to do with negative vices like; armed robbery, cultism and kidnapping. These social vices they know on time are negative and killer agents. In addition, unique youth are youth who obey their parents, seniors, teachers including lecturers. These youth also love their countries and are ever ready to work for its growth and development.

Unique youths are in the quest to gain knowledge as to advance their personality; knowing that how they have built themselves would position them for future challenges in life. The knowledge they gain molds them accordingly.

Also, unique youth are aware that without God they can do nothing. No wander the Holy Bible recorded that we should train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it.

Therefore, building a unique youth is thus a major challenge facing the society including our community, local government, state or country.

How can we build a unique youth is the core issue? Thus unique youth can be built through the followings: reading books and periodicals, participation in conferences and seminars, talent development, community services, living a life of creativity, aligning with a mentor etc.

Reading books and periodicals: Today, accomplishments of Brian Tracy, Pastor John C. Maxwell, Dr. Poly Emenike, Ogbo Awoke Ogbu etc are all traceable to reading books and periodicals. Reading inculcates values amongst the readers. The above persons mentioned embraced reading at a very young age, thus their great accomplishments In life.

Conference/ Seminar: Any youth who wants to become a unique personality should embrace participating in conferences and seminars. Conferences/seminars provide veritable ground to build the potential of the youth.

Talent Development: Encouraging the youth to identify and develop their talents would go a long way to shape the character of the unique in becoming unique people.

Community Services: Through community services our youths are trained to become special people. Community services helps mobilize resources to position our localities and services rendered by the youth in this respect is a sure way o demonstrate positive attributes of the youth participants.

Life of Creativity: Life of creativity leads to youth entrepreneurial development. Unique youth must think deep to discover her skills in entrepreneurial development. Unique youth must think deed to discover her skills in entrepreneurship development. Out of youth creativity Chinedu Nsofor while as an undergraduate at the University of Nigeria, Enugu State, Eastern Nigeria developed a programme tagged “Work While in School”; geared to inculcate amongst the youth values of determination, patience and hard work in life pursuits.

Locating a Mentor or Role Model: Unique youths would source for an inspirational person that would add value to their lives. This inspirational persons would become role model; who aid in advancing their human capacity to enable bring them to the position to equal their abilities, talents, potentials etc as to improve their personalities and influencing society positively.

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