Written by James Okere

It is idea that rules the world. Ideas generated multiply from one level to another. Every idea developed is powered through continuous action put in place by the person who developed the idea. Indeed, ideas are multiplications of the efforts to achieve one’s purpose on this planet earth. Around us today, we have people who are loaded with ideas. This ideas need to manifest, If these ideas starts manifesting and more thought put in, more ideas will be generated from that single one, thereby leading towards individual and societal development.

Because of the multiplications of ideas, generations have been developed and legacies have also been built. The multiplication of an idea is a demonstration of the practical application of an idea.

John C. Maxwell in his book, “Thinking for Change”, said, the real power of an idea comes when it goes from abstraction to application. Think about Einstein’s theory of relativity. When he published his theories in 1906 and 1916, they were merely profound idea. Their real power came with the development of the nuclear reactor in 1942 and the nuclear bomb in 1945. This is a demonstration of multiplication of an idea.

The creator of the universe in the Holy Book of Habakkuk instructed us to write down our vision or idea. The creator knowing the importance of vision further stated in the book of Proverbs that my people perish for lack of vision.

Individuals are developed through ideas of people. Organizations are galvanized through vision or idea of people. The same goes to the society; which develops because men sat down, gave thought and developed an idea and further worked on the vision which later blossomed.

As we are creators of God, we are naturally endowed with creative power to develop ideas of what we would want to be or accomplish in life as to impact society.

The first issue for consideration towards idea multiplication; is to align one’s self with the talents, abilities and potentials endowed in one by the Creator. The drive to align our vision with our talents is to enable us have a long lasting dream that would out live one after death.

Nelson Ikechukwu Nwamara (a former mass communication student of Federal Polytechnic Oko, Anambra State, Eastern Nigeria) had the gift of writing. Nelson ventured into publishing as a student and became the publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Zestar Magazine (an inspirational work that served the Staff and Students of Federal Polytechnic Oko, Anambra State, Eastern Nigeria). This accomplishment gave Nelson societal recognition.


Nelson’s idea later multiplied in that, from the Zester Magazine he vied into publishing a book titled “Think Career not company”, a book to encourage the youth to become an entrepreneur and develop their own business.

For an idea to be multiplied, it requires great passion, courage, perseverance and action. In addition, we must keep faith alive and work assiduously in other to further develop an idea. We require positive character, self discipline and self reinventing in our efforts to multiply an idea.

In addition, the author of this piece; James Okere has gone from developing his website- www.inspireforgreatness.com , covering areas like mentorship, leadership, personality and entrepreneurship geared towards self enhancement and self development values to empower the people.

As at now his website has giving him multiplication of ideas leading to the publication of his two books online, “You Too Can Be Great” and “Developing Yourself”. Also, from the activities of James website, he got the idea in establishing, Inspire Foundation (IF), which is dedicated to values aimed at developing the people-men, women and youths for self realization and advancement for a better society. Inspire Foundation (IF) now organize seminars and conferences. Also out of the Inspire Foundation (IF) core value, comes a programme titled DONATE A BOOK PROJECT; a pet project to promote READING CULTURE in the land, a product of idea multiplication.

In addition, Stephen Skinner a successful pharmacist had a dream to help other Christian entrepreneurs succeed greatly in life, and to do it, he developed a programme tagged “Life Message”. Following his commitment spirit towards the programme, he launched a speaking, coaching and writing business. From his initial idea, he committed himself and got his Life Message turned into a book titled “The 100 x Life: 7 Simple Daily Habits That will Transform Your Life, Unlock Your Greatest Potential, and Create a Life Beyond Your Wildest Dream”. From the core book he wrote, he further published 3 more devotional books as supplements to his initial book. His commitment improved highly his personality that created four income streams for him in book sales, speaking opportunities, coaching and online course; what an effect of an idea.

Thus as people created with Godly attributes, we should strive to develop same, as in developing them will lead to other ideas coming out, and we never knew which of them could expand our personality, recognition and reward.

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