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No person succeeds without developing staying power. In addition, no meaningful achievements are recorded without staying power. Staying power connotes developing vision, passion, patience, perseverance and determination towards a particular course of action.

Persons with staying power or ability are not quitters. They are always encouraging themselves in their life pursuits. They look up to the end result, and by so doing developing powering skills and strength to move on towards destiny realization.

Men with staying powers are not deterred by initial delays; which they see as stepping stone to move closer to the ladder of success. They are not deterred by negative criticisms in the quest to conquer or excel in life.

People with ability to finish a task or staying powers are courageous and champions. When their efforts are not yielding, they continue to strive believing that there is time for everything.

The man who would have taken the credit for discovering the aeroplane would have been Dr. Samuel Lanley; a Professor of Mathematics/Astronomy, but he did not because he lacked staying power or finishing ability. He lacked patience and persistence. Obstacles, criticisms and financial setbacks came his way and he abandoned what would have kept his names in the minds of many people all over the world.

However, Orville and Wilbur Wright who were not so educated and lacking in funds discovered their dreams, worked hard and with great determination developed the aeroplane, today the Wright brothers who developed staying power are being celebrated by the world.

Reuben Martinez from Miami Arizona United States of America is one man who demonstrated great staying power towards promoting reading and literacy values in the world.

Reuben’s parents who were Mexican immigrants who worked in mines had no business in reading books. However, Reuben had vision towards reading. He admitted that his mother always wanted him to put down his book and clean the yard.

Following his interest in reading and literacy development, he went further to develop the required finishing ability, that even by 6.45 am every day, he would woke up and read his neighbor’s newspapers brought by newspaper boy, thereafter, he folds back and kept the newspapers for the owner (his neighbour). His interest and ability made his neighbour to encourage Reuben. His vision also moved his teachers to assist him via lending him books. With great determination and perseverance, Reuben, later opened a barbershop, and continued with his visionary drive in literacy development leading to his using his barbershop to start lending the books he had collected to people to read; Reuben later stopped lending books as borrowers stopped returning the borrowed books, rather now selling books which he started with only two books, he sold in 1983.

Reuben’s drive continued and he became an advocate for literacy as a result of his staying ability demonstrated by him. Few years later, the barbershop with books became a book store; which he calledLibreria Martinez Books and Art Gallery which has grown tremendously.

By his industry, as at year 2007, the store now store up to seventeen thousand titles and has become one of the country’s largest collections of Spanish Language books. He has also opened more books stores.

For his vision and courage to promote literacy, he stated hosting a weekly cable show on Univision. He cofounded the Latino Book Festival with actor Edward James Olmos. Reuben stated speaking at Schools and to other groups to promote literacy. As his vision and courage in this area increases, in 2004, he won a MacArthur Foundation fellowship often called a “genius grant”- for fusing the roles of market place and community centre to inspire appreciation of literacy and literature and preserve Latino Literacy heritage.

His staying ability also started paying off in that he received honourary doctorate in human letter from Whittier College in 2005, and was also named one of’s twenty-six most fascinating entrepreneurs.

Reuben Martinez vision and courage in life became tremendous leading to his achieving remarkable successes in global literacy development to prove that one’s dream is achievable through demonstrating staying ability.

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