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: Dr. Myles Munroe in his book- Becoming a Leader said “To inspire means to activate, stimulate, energize, illuminate or motivate by divine influence, it means to breath into”. Dr. Munroe further added that “inspiration is the capacity to cause others to discover themselves, their purposes and their abilities, and to maximize their potential”. This is the primary role of any of inspiration. Mentorship, Talent Development, Reading Books etc are values one could key into, to become inspired and succeed in life.

Benjamin Frnklyn: Another great influencer of Reading I like is Benjamin Franklin. He was one of the Founding Fathers of the United States. Franklin was a renowned polymath and a leading author, printer, political theorist, politician, freemason, postmaster, scientist, inventor, and diplomat. Yet, we probably would not know his name if it was not his passion for reading. During his life, meat was very expensive to buy, so he became a vegetarian. He saved every penny he could to spend on all variety of books he could find to read. This made him the man the world remembers him today. (Preaston VanderVen).

Dr. Ben Carson a world known Neurologist stated “There is just no limit to what people can accomplish when they develop their minds and use book to acquire knowledge”. Dr. Carson developed his capacity in life as a youth via reading books and other literary works.

Ogbo Awoke Ogbo: a Nigerian and founder of Giant thoughts International said “My father’s library stirred me up to what I am today. I wish parents can inculcate reading in their children because it can transform their destinies for the better”. He added, my father had this book titled, “Makers of Civilization”, which opened his eyes to what people could achieve in life.

James Okere; I read close to eighteen books in year-2016. This books I have read kept me going with my dream project- Inspiring the people to recreate their energy towards self accomplishments. In addition, these books I have read also helped in powering me further develop my writing skills via inspirational values columns and my website, Realizing the power of reading books, I now champion Reading Culture via Donate Book Project.

Talent development: When you mention Fanny Crosby, you remember her as one who have developed and written several religious songs (talent development). When you mention George Bernard Shaw, Fannie Hurst, Charles Dickens, Chinua Achebe, Wole Soyinka you remember them as men that have conquered the literary world. Let us work towards developing our personality.

John Mikel Obi (a Nigerian) is an international recognized soccer star. He started playing soccer at Pepsi Academy and had played severally for local clubs. John continued developing his soccer talents until he graduated at a higher level of playing severally for Nigeria’s national team. He is also an international footballer who has been part of the success story of Chelsea club London in lifting trophies like UEFA Champions, the Europe Club, the F.A Cup etc. John’s talent discovery and development has lifted him from obscurity to greatness.

Mentorship: Mrs. Funmi Adebayo, an engineer and lead consultant, Shophaholyks Solution dealing with ventures across the country (Nigeria), providing IT Solutions to businesses and organization speaking on the values the parents inculcated in her said “They taught me about God. I grew up knowing God and I was never far from God because they taught me about God and about hard work. She added that the mummy taught her to be patient, to have good character and added that the mummy taught her not to talk when she was angry”.

ON SEMINAR/CONFERENCE:To further excel in life we need to attend conferences/seminars which build our minds for life pursuits and greatness. Inspiring conferences have also become great way to influence one positively. The thoughts shared at such gathering shape one’s mind sets towards accomplishments.

Pastor C. Maxwell; an internationally recognized leadership expert, speaker and author in his book the 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership stated that several years ago while teaching leadership to a group of people in Denver U.S.A., he noticed the activities of a nineteen year old named Brian, who he said he spoke to and encouraged him thus “Brian, I’ve been watching you here”, “I said, “and I’m impressed with how hungry you are to learn and glean and grow. I want to tell you a secret that will change your life”. I believe that in about twenty years, you can be a great leader.

Pastor Maxwell further encouraged Brian to make yourself a lifelong learner of leadership. Read books, listen to tapes regularly, and keep attending seminars. And whenever you come across a golden nugget of truth or a significant quote, file it away for the future. Today, Brian Tracy is an accomplished author, leadership expert and motivator.

Being inspire is a wakeup call to inculcate right values amongst the people; men, women and youths who are our future leaders. We have a duty to build one and another. We can achieve this collective desire via inspirational words or stories or book donation.

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