Written by James Okere

Ideas rule the world. To power your dream, you must understand how others succeeded in life. All living beings created have idea or ideas of what he would want to achieve. These ideas are what rule the world according to Napoleon Hill. One’s idea is a dream that has not yet manifested physically.

Ideas are spiritual in nature; our activating such idea makes it a physical value. The pen we use to write is a product of idea. The papers we use to write are product of ideas generated by persons. Your dream which is your vision is powered via preparations and taken actions towards proper execution. The television some people watch upwards of one, two, four, six, eight, ten or more hours is a product of human idea.

Therefore, everybody is endowed with ideas. Everybody is a carrier of a dream for a particular purpose towards advancing humanity. Those who power their dream are courageous, bold and adventurous towards life accomplishments. Persons who reign today are people who dared and developed their dreams with concrete progrmme of action. They are men, women and youths who faced oppositions but with courage surmounted same accordingly. They marched forward believing in God. To succeed in promoting their dreams, they held their faith and confidence in God. These men, women and youths knew that fear existed, but they built their confidence in God, and did many things afraid; thus they succeeded.

In powering your dream, one critical factor is to define what one wants to achieve on this planet earth. Your idea should be in line with God’s purpose and agenda for one, aligning same with one’s gifts and talents.

I have identified three groups of people; the first are those who are naturally inspired and daring in life. This group starts pushing their dreams out early in life. The second group are mentored or encouraged to take off with their life endavours. The third and probably the last are those who would discover themselves much later in life. In all, what is important in powering one’s idea is for one to discover God’s purpose in life.

To power your dream, you must identify where you are now and make adjustments, think deep of what you are, what you have been doing, what you take keen interest in, available gifts and talents with you. Therefore, start with a new mind set towards what you want to achieve in life. In such life pursuits endavour to remain focus, courageous, patient, etc.

To further pursue your life dream, you should have in your inner being what Napoleon Hill called Tenacity of Purpose; that is having the knowledge of what you want and the determination to pursue same.

If not for dream development, history would not have recorded Thomas Carlyle as the author of the French Revolution book. Carlyle after working for two years, produced the manuscript of his book, sent same to his friend John Staut Mill for proof-reading. In the process, Mill lost the manuscript, but Carlyle after feeling bad about this development, later consoled himself, and powered himself into his dream project to become the author of the French Revolution book.

The mind that has dream for accomplishment of a task would eventually succeed. Powering your mind on your stated task will provide the magic wand for accomplishment. This calls for consistent focus which leads to pressing on which has solved the problems of the human race.

Thomas Edison failed several times in his quest to provide man with electric bulb. But in spite of Edison's predicaments he remained focused with his dream and eventually succeeded, thereby adding value to human development.

Through your dream, you are to show yourself to the world. Nothing succeeds than one working to see his dream come though. You must decide to power your dream through locating your God-given talents in order to add value to the society. Pursuits of one’s dream leads to achieving victory in inches in the short run, and in miles in the long run. If you have the dream to manifest humility of life with which to influence the society as Mahatma Gandhi did to influence Indians, continue with it such dream.

You might have a dream to defend the downtrodden as Chief Gani Fawehinmi is noted for. You might have the dream to write as to influence individuals and societies; to achieve such dream you must push the idea forward as Benjamin Franklyn (American Man of Letters) was noted for. In spite of opposition he faced even from his brother, towards developing his writing talents, he continued and ended up achieving his dream of being a renowned author in the world.

Florence Nightingale, born into a wealthy family in London, delved into her dream project; the nursing profession contrary to the expectations of her wealthy parents who never supported her nursing profession. Through her dream in nursing programme and interactions she had with the sick, she developed and published notes on how hospitals should be operated. Florence's determination influenced the nature and structure of today's hospital management; a clear manifestation of one following her dream in life.

Let us strive to follow our dream project.

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