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Developed or mobilized youth are national assts to any nation. They are youth who have imbibed the right values of living. They are youth who are pursuing their vision of life. Many countries who have known the importance of developed youth as national assets; starts early in life using all positive available means to inculcate in the youth right values of purposeful living since the future hope of the world is in the hands of mentored and motivated youths.

Presently, our country is witnessing lots of anti-social vices amongst the youths. These anti-social vices prevalent amongst the youth include internalization of wrong values which retards societal development.

The need therefore, to curb them as to improve the society; politically, educationally, socially, economically, technologically is a challenge that must be surmounted via Repositioning Nigerian Youth As National Asset.

It is in view of the above that I commend greatly this Afrigrowth Foundation Round Table Discussion Forum; and I therefore suggest as stated below ways the Nigerian Youth could be made to become a National Asset:

Parental Role: Parents have great influence in the lives of their children. Many who have realized their worth and potentials attested to the facts that their parents were highly instrumental. Dr. Ben Carson; a world acclaimed Neurologist and an international role model for many youths today admitted that his success story became possible largely because he received mentorship from his mother: Sonya Carson; who encouraged him and mentored him to read books in order to learn and develop his mind. In his book-“Think Big”, he appreciated his mother’s mentorship and dedicated chapter two titled- My Mother, Sonya Carson to her.

Mr. Tony Elumelu, a Nigerian Financial Expert, Entrepreneur and Founder of Tony Elumelu Foundation said that his father who inculcated in him saving culture was instrumental towards his financial discipline in life.

Dr. Mike Murdock; a Pastor, Author of several books, International Speaker admitted that his mother gave him strong upbringing including motivating him towards God. Also the legendry UCLA basketball coach John Wooden said he learnt as a kid from his father, Joshua Wooden who used to tell him (the young John) “Don’t try to be better than somebody else, but never cease trying to be the best you can”

Transformational Leadership should be pursued. Transformational Leadership carries with it the vision and drive towards accomplishments. Institutional frame works should be designed on how to achieve transformational leadership that would impact the lives of the youth as to make them become Nigeria’s National Asset, thereby creating environment for accomplishments.

Structure of School: The type of schools attended by our Nigerian youth is very cardinal towards repositioning them as National Asset. The environment, the nature of academic programme, extra- curriculum programme the youths are exposed are important. Also of importance is the type and character of the teachers teaching these Nigerian youth. Many schools that have had mentorship programmes introduced in their schools have had more successful youths being raised up; thus nature of school is an influencing value towards building Nigeria Youth as National Asset.

Youth Re- Orientation: To also reposition Nigerian Youth as National Assets, there is need to re-orientate them on values of being responsible and greatness. These values like respect, strong morale living, hard work, determination will inculcate in them positive virtues that is much needed towards self development.

Mentorship: Train up a child in the way of the Lord, when he grows up he will not depart from it (Proverbs 22:6); this is mentorship and a strong value to reposition Nigerian Youth as Asset.

Mentorshipis amongst the Nigerian Youth is a sure way of human capacity building. It works towards directing the minds of the youth towards achieving success in life as to make impact in our society.

It is on record that many youth have rose to stardom through mentoring values. The mentorship is geared towards developing the youths in various profession including business, agriculture, technology, management, writing, publishing, leadership, craft etc.

The essence of mentoring the youths by individuals and societies is to positively direct their energy towards identifying all the values that could shape and lead them towards achieving greatness attested to by the society and by so doing becoming National Asset .

Reading Books and Periodicals: A sure way of making the youth become National Asset is to encourage them to read books and other relevant publications. We can also encourage the youth to read via donating books as gifts to them.

Ogbo Awoke Ogbo: a Nigerian and founder of Giant thoughts International said “My father’s library stirred me up to what I am today. I wish parents can inculcate reading in their children because it can transform their destinies for the better”. He added, my father had this book titled, “Makers of Civilization”, there he read all the explorers, like Christopher Columbus, I read about the discovery of America etc. Ogbo who developed his reading ability at the age of eight, further stated that, what he read made him wonder as a young child how these people started all these as far back as the 15th century, what spurred them to dare and to start making efforts towards inventions and discoveries.

Also Pastor John. C Maxwell admitted that reading books as a youth was instrumental to his successes in life. He said his father who was a Pastor espoused him to reading and attending conferences, with such youthful background he pursued his career in life; same awaits Nigerian Youth if the country really want them to become national asset.

Talent Development: Dr. Myles Munroe said anybody who develops his talents becomes a community. This is indeed true. God endowed in every individual talents, gifts and potentials that require to be developed. The Nigerian Youth should be educated on the need to develop their skills at the same time striving to develop same for individual and societal greatness.

Attending Conferences and Seminars: To further build Nigerian Youth as National Asset, there is then need to expose them to attend conferences and seminars which build their mind for life pursuits and greatness.

Inspiring conferences have also become great way to influence the youths positively. The thoughts shared at such gathering shape the youth mind sets towards accomplishments. Pastor C. Maxwell; an internationally recognized leadership expert, speaker and author in his book the 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership stated that several years ago while teaching leadership to a group of people in Denver U.S.A., he noticed the activities of a nineteen year old named Brian, who he said he spoke to and encouraged him thus “Brian, I’ve been watching you here”, “I said, “and I’m impressed with how hungry you are to learn and glean and grow. I want to tell you a secret that will change your life”. I believe that in about twenty years, you can be a great leader. I want to encourage you to make yourself a lifelong learner of leadership. Read books, listen to tapes regularly, and keep attending seminars. And whenever you come across a golden nugget of truth or a significant quote, file it away for the future.

Today, Brian Tracy is an accomplished author, leadership expert and motivator.

Also, Dr. Linus Okorie, a Nigerian and the President of Guardian of Nations who is making waves in areas of human capacity development, public speaking and leadership development has severally stated that his participation in conference aided him develop himself in these areas.

Finally, championing values that would make Nigerian Youth become a National Asset is a task that we must collectively pursue in order to creative positive impacts amongst in the minds of the youths, if we must prepare them as our future leaders.

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