Written by James Okere

: God created the world by words. By His words all things came into being for the meaningful existence of mankind. During creation God said “let there be light and there was light”. Thus through God’s command expressed by His words, all things came into being.

In addition, the Holy Bible stated that Life and death are in the power of the tongue; which we express through what we say. This is true as God’s words cannot be altered.

By words, friendships are developed. Also by words enmity is developed. By words appointments are made. By words one is removed from positions of authority. By words promotions are made. Also by words curses are rendered against one. By words, wars are declared and by words, wars are declared over.

The import of the above is that we should be careful by the words we say or what we speak out as the universe is ever ready to key into what we say; knowingly and unknowingly.

By words leaders are made and by words leaders are destroyed. By words fellowships are created, and by words, relationships are destroyed as well.

Also by words hate speeches are said about Nigeria, and these hate speeches adds no positive value to the growth of Nigeria. In addition, by words lies are told against our country; and this affects us negatively.

Any Nigerian who is an Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba, Fulani, Efik, Ijaw etc has his idea and thinking of what Nigeria should be. In addition, any Nigerian from any of the six geo-political zones also has his idea about the shape Nigeria our country should take. Today, Nigerians have different ideas and thinking on our governance in particular and national leaders in general.

Also, in states, if the governor is from one’s own particular geo-political zone of the state, such a governor is a good one, if not, he is the worse governor ever produced in that particular state; this is wrong and destructive in deed.

Also, if the President is from the South East Zone, such a president is a good one to the people of south east zone. But to the other zones, such a person is not worthy to be a president. The same applies when such a president is from another geo political zone, what a tragedy we have found ourselves? This divergent views manifesting amongst Nigerians do not allow Nigerians to have a fair thinking about their country and her values, rather such thoughts expressed via our words are centrifugal thereby tearing us apart.

The thinking or ideas built up in our mind sets are what we say everyday of our lives. When words are said out, all the elements of the planet earth picks it up and acts accordingly either positively or negatively.

There is the story about the power associated with positive words told by a particular Pastor to demonstrate the power of positive and negative words. The storey told by George Adegboye a Minister of God is a big eye opener about the power in our words. The story is that Pastor Adegboye wanted to confirm the Biblical submission that power of life and death is in the tongue, by planting three plants in three different pots which he watered regularly. He exposed the three plants to sunlight, but to one he began to speak every morning before leaving home and every evening upon return from work that “you are dead” and after sometime, he found that despite adequate sunlight like the others and the regular watering, the plant withered and died.

The story above should be an eye opener to all Nigerians on the need to speak positively about Nigeria and Nigerians including our leaders. What we speak out about government earmarked programmes and projects concerning Nigeria will also reflect during the implementation, thus affecting the end result of any earmarked government programme.

In Nigeria today, we have a programme tagged “Change Begins With Me”. This programme is apt now. Change begins with me can work meaningfully if only we become positive with the idea and also speak out positively about the concept of “change begins with me”.

If we speak positively about this mind changing project, it will become positive self driving values towards Nigeria’s human capacity development and societal enhancement.

By the creation of the world by the word of God; man is endowed with all the creative energy to unleash greatness on this planet earth through man’s further inventions. Man is uniquely made by God to fulfill one’s purpose on this planet earth; this purpose is achievable through positive change of a person via mind development and what we speak out.

Therefore, to move Nigeria forward as to achieve her divine purpose, Nigerians should be kind enough to say good things about Nigeria and Nigerians. In addition, the people should endavour to inculcate in themselves that ability to say good things about the leaders always.

Positive talk about Nigeria will strengthen us with patriotic and nationalistic values. Positive talk will also strengthen our bound of unity, love and build strengths for greater individual and communal accomplishments. Such unity and love will lead to our realizing core values of life towards actualizing Nigeria’s greatness.

Let Nigerians develop the spirit and practice of speaking good things about Nigeria accordingly. What we say should be centripetal (bringing us together) rather than centrifugal (tearing us apart). The time to speak positively about Nigeria is now.

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