Written by James Okere

The Holy Bible recorded that if my people who are called by my name shall humble themselves and call upon me, I will hear their cry and answer them from above. This is a clarion call or message for all Nigerians to imbibe in this period of recession we have found ourselves.

Nigeria’s economic recession has permeated into the fabrics of the psyche of Nigerians. In this period of the economic recession cost of living including feeding has increased astronomical and other costs are soaring high every day. Today, receiving gifts from relations and friends are not easy to come by. Also Church offerings are reducing as well.

It is a well known fact that there is the God factor in leadership including political leadership and governance. God makes and dethrone leaders. Nigerians should recognize the Divine power in governance. Nations have advanced economically, politically, socially, etc because of their tremendous relationship with God. Nations have also not advanced in a manner expected because their attitudes and actions run contrary to the will of God.

For where Nigeria and Nigerians are today, relying now on human ideas and solutions to solve these acute economic problems will fail and continue to fail in Nigeria until we embrace the divine power of God and act accordingly.

It is on record that sometime in 1646, the Famers in United States of America then known as the New England organized themselves into corporate prayer to pray against a mysterious swarm of pests which swept through their farmlands and stripped the trees bare of their leaves, and led to a very poor harvest. The unity of the farmers in prayers to seek the face of God for divine intervention yielded positive results as the ravenous pests for some unknown reason kept away from the farmlands of those Christians engaged in prayer.

In addition, at a stage during the 2nd World War, it was just certain that with the infiltration of enemy troops, and war planes, Britain was only far from defeat. A national prayer was immediately summoned by British authority, and there was an usual climatic change that made it impossible for the enemy war plans to take off.

Nigeria’s situation has come to this level; where all Nigerians should put pride behind, become sober and call on God for His intervention. This genuine repentance taken place in our hearts should seize the entire body system of all Nigerians, who would be convinced that we have sinned and falling short of the Glory of God. We must admit that as Nigerians we have left undone those things which we ought to have done. And we have done those things which we ought not have done.

In this repentance journey, we must admit before God overtly or covertly that we have failed to leave up to expectations. We must inside of us admit that we have all contributed towards the negative vices prevalent in Nigeria. We must admit that we have only become aware of our religious duties without doing the needful. We should repent on how we have not fared well with all that God entrusted in us. We should admit that we have not used our positions to please God and promote humanity as expected by God. In this call for repentance, all Nigerians should come to the knowledge and conviction that we have all failed to act as God expected us.

Our sincere, sober, and genuine repentance coupled with our prayers to God will bring down Heavenly intervention to save Nigeria and Nigerians. We must repent genuinely.

If Nigerians genuinely repent of their sins, accord God His due recognitions, the psyche of Nigerians will indeed be imbued with positive values of life including right living (goodness, knowledge, self control, perseverance, godliness, kindness, and love) as enumerated in the Holy Bible according to 2nd Peter 1:3-9 and Colosians 3:12-14. These values of life will make us leave like men, women and youths created in the image of God and empowered to do great things in this world in line with God’s purpose of creating us in this planet earth.

When the awesome and immeasurable powers of God descend on Nigerians, our negative vices especially lack of love for our country, accountability and transparency will reduce drastically. In addition, when divine power is at work in us, bribery and corruption as presently witnessed would drastically reduce. Then the power in us will be renewed to do great exploit for ourselves and the society. These powers include self reinventing, talent discovery and development which will lead to real change for the betterment of society and mankind will manifest.

Finally, Nigerians should repent of their sins, become sober, call on God with a renewed mind and wait for His intervention; for God is ever ready to answer and deliver His people in whatever situation they have found themselves. God has done it, God is still doing it, and God will do it again. The time for genuine repentance and prayers is now; Nigerians should embrace same if we are to come out of where we are today. It is a pitiable situation, and only genuine repentance and trust in God can see us through.


0 #1 Silvia 2017-04-12 12:29
Love this article! God loves nations and He wants us to prosper and enjoy our lives here on earth. I once heard about a barber who did not believe in God because of all the tragedies in the world; he believed and said "God does not exist". Then a man came into the barber's shop with this other guy who had a very long, long hair and said to the barber: "Barbers do not exist, look at this guy with super long hair". Then, the barber replied "he just needs to come to me for a haircut". Let's come to God to heal our nations :)

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