Written by James Okere

On Thursday 8th September 2016 our President Muhammadu Buhari launched a value re –orientation programme tagged “Change Begins With Me”. During the launching the President stated amongst other things that “the nation’s value system has been badly eroded over the years, and that virtues like honesty, integrity, hard-work, punctuality, good-neighbourliness, abhorrence of corruption and patriotism, had given way to dishonesty, indolence, unbridled corruption and widespread impunity”.

Change begins with me is a value creation programme. It is a self driving positive value towards human development and enhancement. The creation of the world by God endowed in man all the creative energy to unleash greatness on planet earth through man’s further inventions. Man is uniquely made by God to fulfill one’s purpose on this planet earth; this purpose is achievable through a change person via mind development.

Recall that in the past, our Nigerian leaders had launched similar campaign like Ethical Re-Orientation under the leadership of Alhaji Shehu Shagari (1979-1983). Also, the then Head of State and now our President, Muhammadu Buhari (1983-1985) launched War Against Indiscipline (WAI); this particular programme worked in the psyche of Nigerians at least within the period he served as head of state.

I strongly believe that Change Begins With Me is a lofty programme designed for those who would understand the core issues to key into. The programme is a wakeup call to self develop one’s inner being and potentials. It is designed to re-create the creative energy of Nigerians. This programme if understood by Nigerians would energize one to start the process of self re-inventing one’s life.

World development recorded in all facets of human history is a result of change developed in one’s thinking; this change drives growth in any society. Drivers of society are men that have changed their thinking towards advancing humanity in spite of the happenings including negative perspective prevalent in the society. The change that began with Thomas Edison led to the discovery of electricity bulbs. The change that began in Charles Allen Ward born into poverty, a drop out and prisoner changed his thought and with courage rose to stardom becoming the President of Brown-Bigelow Calendar (world wide). The change in thinking of Henry Ford led to the development of Ford Motors.

The development recorded by Dr. Cosmos Maduka in the automobile industry in Nigeria came as a result of the change he had in his thinking making him to move from being a man who was forced out of school due to poverty, to being a man who occupies a prominent position in the auto industry as President Coscharis Group of Companies. The change that started with the mastermind team of John Hancock, Richard Henry Lee, Samuel Adams and Thomas Jefferson made it possible for them to achieve American Independence from Britain. The change that stated with Dr. Nelson Mandela made it possible for him to stick to his core values of life that apartheid regime in South Africa would be over. The change that took place in the heart of Martin Luther King Jr. made him to challenge the segregation that was taken place in America. The freedom that is being enjoyed in that respect was because Martin Luther King Jr. changed his thinking and galvanized men and women to such a worthy cause.

The change in the life of William Wilberforce made him to find a seat in the British Parliament, using the platform to fight against slavery; a war he won. The change that existed in the mind of Mr. Frank Nneji, the Chief Executive of ABC Transport Plc made it possible for him to drive ABC Transport Plc to a greater position in the transport business in Nigeria and by his action changed the management style and structure of the transport sector in Nigeria.

The change begins with me is a noble and possible campaign. It should be embraced by Nigerians. It must be championed. It is a wakeup call to change from the old and negative ways of doing things to a new progressive and positive method that would help drive any society forward. The change begins with me message will inculcate positive and self discipline in our lives towards pursuing right values that aid human society through positive thinking which would drive the Nigerian society to a better place; this is the clarion call of change begins with me.

The change begins with me would strive to inculcate re-orientation values that would permeate all the segments of the society down to our communities. Change begins with me is for all; men, women, youths/students, those in public and private sectors and religious groups are inclusive. Artisans, unskilled people, the unemployed people are all part of the campaign. It is on records that many great people have changed their minds to advance their personality from lowly background. Change begins with me calls for concerted efforts by all imbued with great determination, perseverance, willing mind, tolerance etc.

One sure way to drive this change begins with me is for Nigerians to see the campaign as a developmental inspirational value via championing and declaring a programme tagged “Nigeria’s Inspirational Day”. The essence of declaring “Nigeria’s Inspirational Day” event is to make known the role of inspirational values in societal development including the roles of positive leadership, right living and reading of books and periodicals have played in the lives of the people towards personal and societal development of many countries. This would also include programmes anchoring on how people including how the poor rose to stardom in life. It would also include on how parents have tried to shape the lives of their children leading their children to become responsible people in the world.

Indeed, change begins with me, is apt now. Let us all work towards contributing our quota to make this work. We have individual and group roles to play towards making this great inspirational value programme advance humanity and society.

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