Written by James Okere

In any national governance when representation is imbued with transformational leadership values, then accountable leadership will promote transparent governance for societal benefits.

By stoke of God’s design, we have the select few who represents the governed. The representatives demonstrate leadership traits and impact the governed through the instrumentality of state power.

In a democracy, the people stamp the authority of the representatives by voting them into power. Thus the state powered authority bestowed on the representatives could be withdrawn by the people through legitimate means like recall or electioneering processes.

With the authority of the people in terms of electing representatives, the people are therefore marked out for special governmental empowerment by the select few vide acquisition of state power, demonstrated through visionary programmes.

The position of man in the polity aroused the inspirational leadership quality of Abraham Lincoln to define democracy “as the government of the people by the people and for the people”. In addition, Plato recognizes the role of man in the polity and argued that one of the penalties for them not to participate in politics is that they end up being governed by inferiors

From the above scenarios, it is foreclosed that people in a particular environment occupy very prominent position. The most important being the role of man in the governance of a particular state, which makes it possible to entrust some select few with leadership responsibilities via representation. The governed in turn expect inspiring leaders to provide dividend of democracy for the members of a particular polity.

Most countries have not been lucky to witness a responsible and representative government in concrete terms. The reasons for that revolve around absence of inspiring leadership, thereby leading to absence of people legitimacy and lack of feedback mechanism.

In virtually all countries of the world, democratic leadership has empowered the selected few with the power of representation as to impact positively the governed. The groups who are the representatives include councilors and honourable members of state and national assembly. All these representatives have leadership responsibility in terms of their constitutional roles, which amongst others requires reporting back to the governed.

Representative accountability to the people provides avenues for sense of belonging and affiliation, thus increasing the spirit of fellowship and support base for the political class, who in addition benefit from the wise counsels that follow suits. This is more pronounced where the representatives imbibes the spirit of courage, discipline and vision in galvanizing various policies for the people.

In any given polity, one paramount question being asked by the awakening silent majority in this 21st century is “how do our representatives like councilors and honourable members in the state and national house of assembly render verifiable accountability to the masses they represent?”.

It is therefore surprising to note that those who owe it as a primary responsibility to report to their constituencies, and who in addition have not done so in most cases gear up for re-election or seek election into other higher positions of authority.

Well let it be known to these office holders that there is a self transformation going on amongst the governed; thus re-awakening their spirit in political process so as to make great impacts in the society and individual well being. Those who do not believe this proposition are those who have not been interacting with the people they now govern, especially in this era of great internet awareness.

It is on this note that one congratulates those representatives world over, who have taken out time, energy and effective communication to report back to the people they represent. These group of honourable members referred above who have in a modest form of enlightenment and responsible manner put their achievements to test by publishing same accordingly to those they represent in particular and the public in general, deserve salutation for able representation from their citizenry.

To all representatives in our various countries who have not taken out time to render their stewardship for verification, let the representatives them be prepared to answer from the people they represent at the appropriate time: this question, “why have you not presented your account of stewardship to us since you assumed office?”.

Presently, the awakening silent majority who constitutes the engine of political empowerment are keenly watching the political trends, and most especially the activities of the politicians. The people have internalized that years ahead will be tougher in terms of quality of contestants to elective positions.

Aspirants who have no known empirical proven of achievements attested to by all the masses will not become a subject of positive discuss, hence will not have a place in the elective political process in future years in their respective countries.

Finally, the awakening silent majority are interested to rally round people who in the course of services to humanity believes that accountability typified by achievements as ingredients of a disciplined man stands the hallmark of support for additional political roles, thus promoting inspiring leadership in countries; translating into various achievements attested to by the people in a given society or polity.

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