Written by James Okere

ENTREPRENEURIAL LEADERSHIP; all successful entrepreneurs are highly motivated towards adopting leadership qualities, which creates values in the society.

Entrepreneurs in a particular environment create wealth which leads to growth in Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of a particular nation or country. All entrepreneurial establishments or organizations that are still waxing stronger were built on strong entrepreneurial leadership background.

Some establishments have existed well over a century, some well over half a century etc. It is also important to point out that some organizations set up have liquidated within two years or less. Some have even run out of extinction after existing up to ten years.

What really marks out the success of any business organization is the type of leadership employed in driving such business enterprise. All big enterprise all over the world, be it tailoring, fast food business, trading, publishing, manufacturing etc all started in a very small measure. They imbibed the spirit of “great things start from small, almost insignificant, beginnings’’.

The leadership roles expected in an enterprise have also made it possible for the growth of many entrepreneurial foundations or institutions with the aim to provide succor for the survival and existence of business organizations.

Some of these entrepreneurial foundations are:

1. Prudential Young Entrepreneurs Programme (PYEP); founded in 1995 by Prudential Foundation.

2. National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) based in U.S.A. and founded by astute entrepreneur Steve Mariotti.

3. Student In Free Enterprise (SIFE) , is an international non-profit organization that brings together students, academic, business leaders who are committed to using the power of entrepreneurship action to improve quality of life.

Therefore some leadership traits that propel growth of entrepreneurship include:

1. Vision: Idea rules the world (says Napoleon Hill). Successful entrepreneurs have developed great vision to drive their organization. No entrepreneur who wants to succeed compromise on the vision set out to drive the organization forward. The vision of the entrepreneurs identifies a step by step action to be followed.

Mr. Frank Nneji, OON – a Nigerian transport entrepreneur started with a few small buses in the transport sector. But today he has become a house hold name in Nigeria and beyond in transport business through his ABC Transport Plc which became the first transport company to be quoted in the Nigerian Stock Exchange market, a demonstration of visions.

2. Determination: Determination is a key factor in demonstrating entrepreneurial leadership. The environment of any business enterprise is not usually favourable, but those who have great determination withstand the storm and rose to stardom in any chosen enterprise. A Nigerian, Athanasius E. Egwim; a maritime expert who successfully built his maritime business echoed in this line “The courage to confront obstacles, surmount them and build a successful business in a hostile environment is a trait ingrained in the DNA of every entrepreneur”.

3. Perseverance: Successful entrepreneurs persevere. They work assiduously to succeed. In their prayers to God, they persevere, even when their prayers seem not answered. They meet challenges in their enterprise, but with a heart poise to succeed, they persevere and develop the appropriate solutions to tackle such problems, and by so doing, their business grows.

Finally, leadership imbued with zeal, focus, determination and transparency are great entrepreneurial leadership qualities required to grow any enterprise.

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