ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Entrepreneurial values would be portrayed. In addition, x-ray of persons who achieved commanding heights in entrepreneurship would be illustrated.


Written by James Okere

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Globally today, an issue that is discussed extensively is Entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is a topical issue discussed amongst government (local, state and federal), tertiary institutions, institutions including non-governmental organizations, parents, students etc. The discuss has gained prominence because entrepreneurship deals with wealth creation. It deals with meaningful creation of economic activities imbued with talent discovery and development. Entrepreneurship is not only the traditional businesses we are too familiar with; manufacturing/industries, buying and selling. It is now beyond that, which also involved self re-inventing; developing values in a person towards wealth creation.

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Written by James Okere

Entrepreneurial Ethics; all successful entrepreneurs employ sound business ethics to bring the organization to an enviable position. The essence of entrepreneurial ethics is to build entrepreneurs; whose activities grow wealth in any society.

Entrepreneurial ethics are sound business principles to be employed by entrepreneurs or businessmen as to succeed in life, thereby creating impacts in the society.

Entrepreneurial ethics would lead to positive attitudes towards raising successful entrepreneurs, who would in turn build entrepreneurial institutions for societal growth and advancement.

Akin to entrepreneurial ethics is integrity in business in which a Nigerian Administrator, Emmanuel Ikazoboh described thus, “Integrity matters a great deal. It is very important, even when many scorn you, later they would come back to give you respect”.

When entrepreneurial ethics are followed, the entrepreneurs and the team works with great passion, determination and perseverance to achieve a common purpose.

Sound entrepreneurial ethics makes it possible for business


Entrepreneurship and Youth Development

Written by James Okere

ENTREPRENEURSHIP & YOUTH DEVELOPMENT: the need to create value in the lives of our Youths has given rise to various calls for inculcating entrepreneurship skills amongst them.

The youths in discuss span through the secondary schools, tertiary, the unemployed and the under employed categories be they graduates or not.

Since entrepreneurship involves wealth creation leading to gainful employment and advancing society, the need therefore to strengthen entrepreneurship programmes. We are aware that if the youths are mobilized to embrace entrepreneurship it would go a long way to reduce societal crimes like armed robbery, kidnapping, drug abuse, immoral behaviours etc.


Our Youths presently live in an environment predominant with the influences of parents, schools, peer groups, government policies, social values and the wave of internet related issues. All these work to shape the thinking and direction of our youths positively or negatively. In the positive sense,

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FRANk Nneji

Written by James Okere

FRANk Nneji; whose entrepreneurial foresight, diligence and hard work contributed extensively to the changing face of transport business sector in Nigeria and beyond.

Mr. Frank Nneji will be better known as Mr. A.B.C. Transport. He is the man who revolutionized the transport sector in Nigeria. He hails from Aboh Mbaise Local Government Area of Imo State, Eastern Nigeria. Mr. Nneji graduated from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka Eastern Nigeria with a B.Sc (Hons.) Degree in Zoology.

Before Nneji’s entry into the industry, the transport sector was without style and touch. His little experience with the transport sector, was when he served as the Director of Transport of the Student Union Government of University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

Realizing that the man with the vision to recognize opportunity and the promptness of decision necessary to embrace it will get ahead, he therefore reflected in this line of business and introduced skillful management.

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Jim Ovia; a Nigerian entrepreneur and a celebrated Banker

Written by James Okere

Jim Ovia; a Nigerian  entrepreneur and a celebrated Banker. He is co-founder of Zenith Bank Plc and the first Chief Executive of this virile bank. He belonged to the league that employed vision and revolutionized Nigerian Banks through automated banking.

From beginning he had a clear vision of where he was going, and he achieved same through hard work and determination as he had worked in the banking industry as a clerk. Jim studied Business Administration at Southern University, Louisiana, U.S.A. He also obtained his MBA from same University. Jim strongly believed that what you did with the knowledge acquired is more important than what you studied if one intends to achieve greatness. After Jim’s National Youth Service Corps in Nigeria, he worked with First National Bank of Chicago then International Merchant Bank in Lagos, Southern Nigeria where he trained and equipped himself in the banking profession.

Jim indeed worked

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Written by James Okere

ENTREPRENEURIAL LEADERSHIP; all successful entrepreneurs are highly motivated towards adopting leadership qualities, which creates values in the society.

Entrepreneurs in a particular environment create wealth which leads to growth in Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of a particular nation or country. All entrepreneurial establishments or organizations that are still waxing stronger were built on strong entrepreneurial leadership background.

Some establishments have existed well over a century, some well over half a century etc. It is also important to point out that some organizations set up have liquidated within two years or less. Some have even run out of extinction after existing up to ten years.

What really marks out the success of any business organization is the type of leadership employed in driving such business enterprise. All big enterprise all over the world, be it tailoring, fast food business, trading, publishing, manufacturing etc all started in a very small measure. They